Collateral Damage :Border World Fighter POLL!!!!

What should this fighter be named?

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Looks Like A "Thresher" But Would Go With "Trident"

Looks great! From the overall look of the ship, I'd tend to want to name it the "Thresher" with an "F/A - xxx" designation. See this picture for similarity:


It's the big, single-blade tail section and the medium-fighter nature, I guess. But of the names listed in the poll currently, I went with "Trident". The other names would seem to go better with a craft that's strictly a fighter, to me at least. The fact that this ship can be used as a light bomber with the ability to carry the light torpedoes coupled with the appearance of the ship says "Trident" to me. I'd also add dual Stormfire Mk II Cannons with a 'boat-load' of ammo to add a projectile-based gunnery capability in atmospheric conditions. The Stormfire Mk II's would also be nice on torpedo runs with the ship's power diverted away from the main guns. Also, with it's projectiles going double the range and more than double the velocity of the Chain Ion Cannons' particles , the dual Stormfire Mk II Cannons would bring a nice balance to the overall gun range and increase the capability of the ship.


In any event, a nice design with good weapon-configuration options as-is. Look forward to flying her. Nice job, JasonRocZ.



When I refer to story here I mean like WC1-WC3 or WCP to just before WCarena. The whole war as one story....though I guess timeline would be a better word choice here.

Aron Figaro

I'll vote Stinger, I really can't see the other names aside from Viper really sticking, and like my girl said, "a viper looks kinda like a Ferret with three wings".