CIC Party Delayed, Excitement Builds for WC 30th Birthday (September 25, 2020)


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Sorry for the sudden notice, but we need to announce a delay in tomorrow's Wing Commander CIC Birthday Party. Due to an emergent medical issue, the event will be moved out at least a week. We'll be sure to confirm details when we can firm up the new date. Thanks to everyone for being so flexible on this! On the bright side, we've reached out to a few of the Wingnuts who have been diligently prepping material for the event, and it sounds like the extra time will help them put some extra polish on a few things.

With that being said, tomorrow is still the actual 30th birthday of the Wing Commander series! Since we're always celebrating the franchise in #Wingnut on Discord every single day, you're more than welcome to drop in and commemorate the date with us! We just won't have a formal agenda or fancy front page slate tomorrow.

It's also great to see other places are starting to get in the mood as well! Steve Shivers tipped us off about a classy article that was just posted to celebrate the anniversary. They recap the immersive world, cinematic story, ground-breaking gameplay and more. The series is discounted by 75% this weekend at GOG, so DRM-free digital copies of all the major PC/Windows WC games can be yours for under $12! Check the article out here.

Award-winning games, a feature film, an animated TV series, and books - the franchise created in 1990 by Chris Roberts has expanded beyond imagination. The 30th anniversary of the Wing Commander release is the perfect opportunity to look back at the story behind one of the most famous space simulators of all time. ... All in all, if you want to immerse yourself in the Wing Commander series, you’ll have plenty of options with the games available on GOG.COM. So, let’s celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series in the best way possible - by becoming an ace space pilot.

Original update published on September 25, 2020


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I wish you all the best - get well soon!
Take all the time you need to recover... we can party anyday... as long as you're still with us!


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Thanks! We are zeroing in on a new date now - it sounds like October 10 will work. Hope to see you all there!