CIC Hit By Bandwidth Crisis (October 30, 2004)


The end of the month is a difficult time for a lot of websites, and the CIC is no different. While going over our traffic figures I noticed we have too much bandwidth left over this month! Please help us out by downloading something. Here is a list of files that we added for our Sixth Birthday:

Much more is available from our Files and Music sections. The FTP server allows two simultaneous connections per IP so that everyone gets good speeds. Happy downloading!

Original update published on October 30, 2004
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You must have a hell of a lot of bandwidth available if you're suggesting files of that kind of size :)

Actually, Some of the albums there seem good - the WC FM one is real good quality as I remember it, but for some reason the quality of the WC2 album is, well... woeful by comparison. Any idea what's the deal there?


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Ah, finally something we can do for the CIC!

Hold the wedding, guys, the cavalry is on its way... - since I can't dl from here (ftp proxy firewall), I'll come in and up the traffic tonight.

I hope the whole thing is just due to people's laziness - for a site that gets close to 2000 hits a day, dropping bandwidth use is strange. Maybe everybody already has everything - then we should think about offereing something new, like a video of the Nephilim jumpgate raid restaging with Chris' SuperSoaker collection...:)


Our visitor count and bandwidth use have risen steadily over the last few years (as you can see here). The amount of traffic we have available has increased thirty-fold in that same period.

I'll have to pass the WC2 FM Towns question to LOAF.


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Standoff´s prologue is due to be released before Christmas. If you happen to host a mirror for it, we´ll flood your bandwidth.

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We had a slashdotting earlier this year. We probably would have survived too if someone had been around to close the FTP before things ground to a halt.