Cargo volume?


I just bought three "add cargo volume" addons for my tarsus, yet the available cargo space is still 100. Could somebody take a look at this?
Another bug: after a rought fight, my shield/armor display said I had no armor whatsoever remaining, yet the damage report said "Tungsten: 50%". I'm inclined to believe the armor display was correct.
that means your armor is 50% shot up...i.e. it will take 50% of the value to repair it...
the effectiveness is separate from the damage rating...
That leads to two more questions...

1) How would it get to a point where it would get to more than 50% cost to repair if it was already destroyed?

2) In that same battle, my radar was completely destroyed, yet I was allowed to repair it for a small fraction of the cost of buying a new one. How does that work?