Call of Glory to Guts n' Glory


Call to Glory has undergone a shift from its original purpose, partly due to my browsing of Star*Soldier and Privateering. Also reading the old Privateer Online docs had also thrown in new designs.

Originally, Call to Glory was a much more sanitized game and in many ways didn't suit my story line and ultimately felt it was too JRPG in gameplay and design. After several attempts with an originally coded engine falling like a downed Epakshi, I changed to the GPL RPG Toolkit and have been steadily, ableit slowly, rebuilding Call to Glory into Guts n' Glory.

Some of the changes included the creation of Fallout like stat system and new design for the arcade style flight engine. I can currently describe the pre-build as being a mixture of Fallout and Asteroids, while taking an artistic throwback to good ol' pixelation.

A chief design change is placing more emphasis on the player, his party members and his ship. Essentially you'll fly around and make money through different means and get rid of that ugly Tarsus (or even worse vessel I decide to torment you with) and get something that can at least outrun a crippled Talon.

Taking place in the aftermath of the Nephilim War, the player will get to explore a side sector that avoided some damage from the Nephilim, but already has it own share of war damage to deal with.