Bumper stickers on fighters

I never truely left. I would stop by now and then, check up on things, but never seemed to have time to post anythin' new. But now that things have slowed down a bit, I'm back.:p
"My killboard, and welcome to it"

"Today's special: Tailgater Flambe' "

"I got chunks of guys like you in my stool" (borrowed from an old "Saturday Night Live" skit)

"In space, no one can hear you scr...."
The always famous one no one has mentioned yet:

"How's My Driving?"

" Ludicrous Speed or bust" --(Spoof on Spaceballs, also further proof of my insanity)

" You are on CANDID CAMERA! SMILE!" (for those recon missions):D
Man... you're flying a space fighter, not driving a Formula 1 car with a bunch of sponsors... <g>
I'd advertise my fighter :) Imagine the money I'd rake in, being the savior of the known universe and all :D
hmmm for a turret?

"Stare closely to see fireworks"
"Don't blink, you'll miss your death"
"If you spent time reading this instead of evading, you're just plain stupid"
Here are a few for the turret (don't blame me if they are stupid)

" If ya think that was close, I'm not even trying."(compliments of my little brother)

" ADIOS!" (Ripped from Unreal Tourney's Redeemer )
"Say hello to my wittle fwiend" painted on a MACE

"If you read this, you should be praying"

"Making a war, 25 trillion $, buying a dragon, 16 million dollars, you dumb enough to read this and getting shot at, priceless"

"Confed, Real Kat Skinners, Livin Bug Zappers!"

"You've just been LOAF'd" (dont ask)

i must say the master card blowoff aint all that great, but im bored :)
That's a good idea; have Mr. Rogers sitting in a fighter saying 'Welcome to my 'Hood'!:D