Broadsword in the Concordia's Hangar

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Thanks, Sabre!
- Yep, the Yellow Concordia Star is going to be added, in place of the yellow striping on the bottom wings.
- Great idea! I'll see what I can do.
-Same, Great idea.
I'm going to try and do that. I think the end result is going to be Green lower wings and silver upper ones.
..I've also been looking sideways at the original Sabre model. And I think I'm gonna have to make it too.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
I updated the build with the latest in the Ferret Model! It's got a cockpit now, and functional landing gear.I also replaced all the chairs in the build with new art.


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WOW! Very nice to see your models in engine.
Is there a chance you use Unity to make Pioneer? Would be nice if we can play the game with your models.

I feel with the models and Music back about 22 years... where is the time going? Oo
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Howard Day

Random art guy.
Red Baron: Thanks! The wonders of Unity Fog. :D
Klavs: More than an evenings work at this point. Almost a week and a half of evenings. Glad you like it though...Hopefully your contribution can be added soon.
Deathsnake: Thank you, Sir! As to the making a version of Pioneer in Unity...Not likely. That project is still very definitely on a permanent stop. I will try and make this small toy as interesting as I can, though!


10/10, would Kickstarter. How do I throw money at the screen now?!

Seriously, this is just about the greatest thing I have ever seen.



Thank you for letting me realize a childhood dream to just be able to walk around the WC2 ships. This is a lot of work, So if there's anything you would like help on, let me know.
I can make 2D and 3D art. I've been in complete awe of your Broadsword even before it was textured.

This is coming from a Grand Admiral in Star Citizen, I would throw my money so quickly at a WC2 re-make. It would literally be in my wildest dreams to have a re-make of Wing Commander 2 with your models.

Anyways, if you need a Old Blue-Hair or even Hobbes in 2D or 3D, just let me know. Honestly, I'm not the greatest at texturing, or rigging models, but I'm pretty good at modeling.

I know I could never touch the quality of your stuff, since they're so exact to the original games. It's why I "re-imagined" them. But I'd really love any chance to help you on this.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Bearcat: Thanks! Not taking any money for this. Dunno how I could. It's not like I'm making any of this stuff up! I'm just making what's been rattling around in my head since my dad came home with WC2 in 1992. All I hope is that the guys who originally made this stuff get a big goofy grin on their faces when they see my version.
phoenix_aod: I am not planning on ever letting you fly these things. There will be things moving around the hangar, but this whole exercise is an example of observation, not action. I plan on adding little touches of true fandom all over the place. Little things for people to discover. :D
dczanick: We've talked on the side. :D

So, small, much delayed update! This is what I've been working on:
Screenshot_135.826.png Screenshot_79.96603.png Screenshot_27.09966.png Screenshot_78.80045.png
The WC2 F-57 Sabre! Yeeehaaaw! I used the original.3DS files to make this new version. It's very, very close to the original, with just some streamlining around the guns, wing roots, and engines.
These are actually old shots - I've moved on to modeling the cockpit and landing gear. Next up comes unwrapping and texturing, which should go quick since I've got it down to a science. I also started re-modeling the Crossbow, and that's got to be the most interesting collection of shapes I've ever seen. I'm trying to turn it into something cohesive without straying far from the original mesh. Definitely a challenge!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Enjoying right now! The Sabre is a real beauty! I think that was always my favourite WC fighter, not because of the firepower but because of the wonderful design...and the firepower :D

So when can I sit in it? ....and maybe take her for a ride? ;)

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Thanks! So.. you're not gonna get to sit in it or fly it. Think of this whole exercise as a museum. You can walk around and look, but no getting into the spruce goose and flying it off. :p
So the bit part is of the model are done - now to do the landing gear internals and the turret/cockpit stuff!
newsabre03.PNG newsabre02.PNG newsabre01.PNG


Quoting Blair, "I don't think we want these to become museum pieces just yet."

Even if we can't fly them we can at least climb all over them. Can't do that in a museum.

Egads, I've never see the size comparison between a broadsword and a sabre so readily. Are these to scale? I just pictured the 'sword a bit bigger then a sabre but that could just be the bitmaps confusing me.

That said, another awesome addition to your hangar.

Personal hope for seeing the Rapier G.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Whistler: Ye s! I was surprised by that too, but the turrets are the same size between each, and it matches up with the ingame shots!

Rapier's definitely comin. Probably after the Crossbow, then before the Epee!


The Broadsword is effing huge - surprised me when I was figuring out proportions for WCRPG. It's about 2/3 the overall size of a Venture-class corvette (though I vaguely remember something about the original intent of the Venture being a heavy assault craft - a role the Broadsword assumes in WC2 - so that makes sense when you think about it.


The Broadsword's comparatively huge size is exactly why so much work was put into making the Sabre into a usable bomber and also the development of the more compact Crossbow bomber--more bang per acre of flight deck.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Well, what I learned from placing these things next to one another... the Sabre and Crossbow are actually a fair bit wider than the Broadsword. Not as long, and not nearly as high. I suspect the height is the thing that would prove worrisome. Also, the Crossbow and Sabre's wings could definitely fold away for storage, if need be.