BREAKING NEWS: Enhanced & Extended Wing Commander 1 Sound Track Released! (January 14, 2022)


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George Sanger, aka The Fat Man, has just announced the immediate release of his Wing Commander I Complete Original Soundtrack: "MT​-​32 Archival Edition." Way back in 2007, George put out a fantastic album of WC1 music known as Wing One, and it's been on our highly recommended list ever since. This new edition scrubs Fat's archives for a complete reckoning of all the music in the game. Today's release clocks in with 55 tracks and 85 minutes of audio - compared to 27 tracks and 34 minutes in the original release fifteen years ago.

You can stream the entire album below or listen to all of the individual tracks at the publisher Xeen's YouTube Channel. I'm listening right now and it's wonderful! You can also buy a digital copy for $10 at Bandcamp to get access to high quality downloadable files - or just thank the team for their continuing commitment to Wing Commander! When you check out, there's a little field to "include a message to The Fat Man and Team Fat." Why not let them know that you'd like a physical CD or vinyl release in the future?!

Howdy, Fat Rangers!

Here's a sweet listening surprise--An archival release of the best version of the Wing Commander I music, hot off the press.


This "archival" release is the result of my finally yielding to many years of Andrew Harrington's relentless hounding. It was entirely his vision to put out a thorough and complete "once-and-for-all" release of every single MIDI file from the game, with as much documentation as could be mustered. And my hat is off to him and I am grateful, for he has brought us all, me kicking and screaming, to a very pleasant, very listenable, and very final-feeling version of the music for Wing Commander. Thank you, Andrew, this is your baby.

Similarly, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the massively talented artist Xiao Zheng in Shanghai, who insisted on mocking up album covers for all my the games I composed for, even before he knew I was releasing music.

Come to think of it, my early journey with Dave Govett was much the same. An enthusiastic guy, calling me to ask if he could come over to see what kind of gear I was using. I had him write a couple of tunes for me, and he was the first member of Team Fat (besides me) before I even knew he liked orchestral movie music. When I handed him the assignment to do the demo for Wing Commander, I was met with the surprise of a lifetime.

Hey, World, take this hard-won advice down: Collaborate. And here's how. When you find somebody enthusiastic, who makes you feel good about who you are when you're around them, find out if they have talent and skill. If they do, turn them loose and get out of the way. It's like riding a wild horse--you don't know exactly where you'll end up, but it will be one wild ride.

released January 14, 2022

Music produced by The Fat Man, George Alistair Sanger
Composed by Dave Govett and George Sanger

Original update published on January 14, 2022