Borderworlds Banshee (1/48 scale scratch built scale model)


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I was really thrilled to see my Banshee appear on, yet I noticed that your news system misses the last few steps of the build. I didn't update the thread in the german forum anymore, since I moved to another one and posted there. But it's complete by now and here are some pictures: (The completed build starts at Banshee_52.jpg)


Most of you might immediately notice, that I used the super awesome Illustration of a Banshee made by Mark Vearrier, which I found on months ago as well as a 3D model, who's author I forgot unfortunately.

To my shame I totally messed up the rear thrusters of the Banshee. They are not true to the original model from the game since I actually didn't play that too much and had no Screenshots of a Banshee from the game. I am more the WC1 and WC2 guy. :rolleyes: I had to "improvise" here and there as well, since some things were too hard to do in this scale. :eek:

Other than that, I am happy how it turned out. Thank you really, really much for featuring it as well as commenting the particular news posts on
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Thanks for posting all these progress shots (even if the server seems to be a bit slow). Glad to have you join us after having your work featured on the news page.
To pseudo-quote Col. Halcyon: That's high praise coming from Bandit LOAF, Elend.

Seriously, outstanding work, the depth of the detail you've included is superb. I really hope you make some more like this - great job.
That's incredible! I was following the German forum where you were posting, but then I lost the trail. Thank you very much for coming back to share this with us!
WOW! Extremly nice! Oo Just one Word: Incredible!!

. I am more the WC1 and WC2 guy..

Perhaps then you like this one: I was working on a TC of Wing Commander 2 with the Wing Commander Saga Mod (Mod the Mod Project :) ). I have several Modells from Tolwyn and a Bengal from Kevin.
I am sry that i have no Modding Tools like Max or Photoshop to work with better Textures and Models :( but i try with my few tools (POF Construtor Suite, Fred and the Tools from the SCP) to make the Mod as good as i can.

Sry for my bad english. Here you can see whats done: I hope i can release a Demo in the next 2 months and see hows it feel to the other fans. When it comes good, i will continue. Perhaps WC2+SO1+2 and then perhaps a TC of WC1+SM1+SM2. But that is more in the future ^^
Hm, those are some great 3D models, you have in that TC. I could use the Concordia or some Kilrathi fighters for future scale model reference. :D
I think that's a very good job with a lot of detail put into the model. If you do another WC model, I'm sure you'll be just as successful and get good pointers from different resources.
Yes, most definitely. My favourite Ship of all time: The Dralthi. I am not sure if I'll do the classic or that MK IV one. Time and skills will tell.
I really hope you are working for some sweet film/tv effects studio, or at least using this to apply for a job at one. Someone should be paying you cash money dollars to do this full time. Awesome work, good to see that real physical model-making is still something that people do!