Blair Forms on Vagabond's Wing in Fight to Save The Tick (May 21, 2019)


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Fans have recently rallied to save The Tick after its cancellation by Amazon Studios last week. The superhero show stars François Chau, among many others, who played Vagabond in Wing Commanders 3 and 4. He's been a big voice in the campaign to bring the show back, and he's gotten some major support from Mark Hamill. Far from being a lost cause, the show's creator and cast have announced that they are signed on for more episodes, and their production partners are reportedly looking for another network willing to air a third season. Amazon Prime subscribers can catch the highly rated show for free on Prime Video. Mr. Chau continues to be active in a wide variety of sci-fi shows from Stargate SG1 to Lost to The Expanse to the new X-Files, but it's neat to see him remember his Wing Commander roots like this!

Hey Mark! This is your old pal Vagabond from our Wing Commander days. A big thanks for your support in helping to save our show! #SaveTheTick @TheKidsABC #LunaTickArmy #LunaTicks— François Chau (@FrancoisChau) May 19, 2019[/quote]

Original update published on May 21, 2019
Maybe it's just Google Image Search, but I'm impressed he was able to dig up such an appropriate image. He didn't even actually get that far in the game!