Bigger and Better Hornet on the Flightline (February 6, 2019)


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AircPirateNinsei has completed his enlarged flying Hornet fighter. This update has a larger wingspan to fit more effective control surfaces and a larger powerplant. He'll be getting it airborne soon, and we can't wait to see! There's a lot of talent and skill that's obviously going into this. Follow the development at the Flite Test Forums.

The Hornet with a wingspan of 1000 mm (39.37 in) is ready2fly! :)
The AUW is 513 g (18.10 oz). The Dry Weight (without battery) is 370 g (13.05 oz).
The battery is a Turnigy nano-tech 4s with 1300 mAh.

Original update published on February 6, 2019
That's wonderful. 👍 Too bad they get pretty dinged up on landing. Are there versions that are designed for smooth landings? 🛬
Been playing a lot of Stellaris myself lately; recognized the music instantly. Some definite improvements over the first model.
Decals make a big difference!