Best Wingman??


Commodore your wingman go down quick in WC4 on higher difficulties! The effectiveness of missiles is really apparent. I have had them go down within 10 seconds!

Even Primate! 😉

I found that WC3 got more enjoyable as you increase the difficulty level, but WC4 just became frustrating.
WCI Best: Coin flip between Iceman and Hunter. Great wingmates when I let them loose, and utterly deadly.
WCI Worst: Maniac (Those who saw my Twitch stream of WCI when playing all missions saw how quickly he became Kitty Kibble)

WCII Best: Hobbes. He was often in the toughest missions, so his survivability would be lacking because of that.
WCII Worst: Jazz in I, Stingray in SOI, and Maniac in SOII.

WCIII Best: Hobbes up to his betrayal (Cobra a close second), with Vagabond as the best to go through the entire game.
WCIII Worst: Maniac UNTIL the Kilrah series (I have a thing for actually following orders). Flash is second because of the same problem, but I'd like to think that if he survives the game, he would be a better wingmate than Maniac.

WCIV Best: Primate. He reminds me of a budget version of Hobbes.
WCIV Worst: "Chalk up another for the Maniac!!" (Are we detecting a pattern where attitude might actually matter??)

WCP Best: Coin flip between Maestro and Maniac (I guess that his becoming one of the old men has something to do with a chance in attitude)
WCP Worst: I don't feel that any of them are bad, but I think the worst is Zero.