Beautiful Models/Textures


Vice Admiral
Well I was fooling around with the Standoff files today (Was that ever a trick! Did you have to pack it all into ONE .tre?) and I extracted some of the ships and lemme say -

The Secret Ops/Prophecy ships don't even rate on the same scale.

The models for Standoff are beautiful, and beauitfully well done in game. I am amazed at how well they came off looking. I just had to say, these


Mr. Standoff
Thanks. :)

It certainly wasn't easy getting them to look acceptable while respecting limitations that are so ridiculous by today's standards (1k polys, palletized textures, etc).

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Having also worked with Eder's models, I can also attest to the work that they are very well done and refreshingly clean.