Battery icon in Windows 95 laptop?


Rear Admiral
How to display the battery icon for Windows 95 laptop machine?

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What happens when you uncheck "Allow windows to manage power" or go into the Advanced menu? Ultimately, it seems like a bad thing that the power source is unknown. I would expect that the vast majority of laptop batteries from the Windows 95 era are long dead. There's probably nothing to show.
Windows 95 was a strange era - the PC was transitioning from APM (Advanced Power Management) to ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) as part of the whole Plug and Play (PnP) thing - Windows 95 was one of the first PnP aware OSes out there and a proper PnP stack requires support from the BIOS as well.

Chances are if you don't have it, your PC doesn't have the necessary support for it. You might be able to find an old driver disk that can often add the necessary drivers to make Windows aware of the battery.
Okay, I think you have to reinstall Windows 95 in order to see the icon, which you can setup the APM, during the initial setup of the OS...