Arena gametimes...


Anyone out there still wanting to play Arena: For this week Jan. 27th-Feb. 2nd

Jan. 31st: Start time 9:00 pm CST
Feb. 1st: Start time 9:00 pm CST

If these times are not good for anyone please feel free to post a better time and we will work something out. My Xbox gamertag: FracturedHail, just send me a message or better yet a friend request if you are interested in playing. Look forward to playing with or against everybody.
I can't do tomorrow... I have no idea how Friday looks yet. If I'm on on Friday it probably will be later in the evening. One thing I will recommend though is that you start an xbox party first to make setting up the games easier since it can be a pain to keep the group together between matches.
Yeah tomorrow is not looking good for me at all now. We got tickets to the NFL Experience and I believe we are gonna go tomorrow evening. I recommend to anyone who lives in a city that will hold a Super Bowl, to check it out even if you aren't into football. This will be the 3rd time in my lifetime I am going to it and it truly is an experience....But as for Friday: As of right now we can still start at 9:00 pm CST. We could also go on later than that. Friday I will pop into the chat zone as well and see if anyone would like join as well.

I would like to start a list or sign up here if anyone wants to play; just reply to this post. As always before we play send me a friend request on LIVE and we will get the party underway. My gamertag for LIVE is FracturedHail. Look forward to competing against live people.