anyone interested in "no cockpit" version of Privateer 1?


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see attached screenshots. no super-straightforward way of sharing those changes, but if there's any interest, I may write up instructions and share the files necessary?


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Cool! Are you using Kilrathi Saga as a base to basically port this feature over to Privateer? Either way this is a neat acheivement. I'm partial to cockpits myself but Privateer does have what feels like some of the most limited visibility (at least in the tarsus).
I was thinking here seeing OP, was Privateer made on Assembly or C language? if the later a sourceport using KS code from WCDX wouldn't be that hard to make.
ha ha :) thank you for the positive feedback; but actually this took zero coding, only Priv1ToolsCmd and graphic editing! I probably won't have the time to write full scripts/instructions on how to incorporate those modified cockpits, but it's actually very easy: you just unpack priv.pak, replace cockpit .iff files inside, repack priv.pak and enjoy... all this can be accomplished with the .iff files provided at the link below (for Tarsus and Centurion)

archive containing (among others) .iff files for recreating Tarsus and Centurion cockpits seen in the screenshots:

I've also shared some more assorted details in the GOG forum (admion, please kill me if linking like this is not allowed):

...and, after playing Priv for several hours with those cockpits, I must say that it's a very pleasant experience! along with everything loading immediately (ah, those days quarter of a century ago when landing at a base took 30 seconds, and taking off 2 minutes :D ) - such a wonderful time to play Privateer again :)

bonus track:
I was initially planning on moving all the VDUs and what not out of the way, towards the border of the screen - sharing an example (Tarsus modified this way) in the screenshot below; some more gory details at the GOG post (and most of the files needed are also included in the download above)


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...but Privateer does have what feels like some of the most limited visibility (at least in the tarsus).
I feel like this was deliberate. In addition to giving each ship a unique feel (something that many argue the cockpits of WC4 lack), the limited capacity and visibility of the Tarsus is all to do with encouraging players to leave the starting ship behind and/or reward players with greater options and visibility in the other three ships. You probably recognise this as well, but just pointing it out.