Any one hear of Homeworld mods...?


Homeworld, for those of you who don't know is a wonderful space combat strategy game. Completely 3D and a whole lot of fun. Anyway, Relic (Homeworld's producing studio) released the files enabling people to make MOD's. I was thinking... Wouldn't a Wing Commander MOD for this be wonderful?! Ordering squadrons of HellCats to take out the Kilrathi Frigate, or getting your destroyer squadron to take out the enemy formation of enemy cap ships! The two sides would be Kilrathi and Confed (no bugs). There are PLENTY of ships to chose from to put in the game. A fully 3D space strategy game about Wing Commander... It'd be FANTASTIC! Anyway, I'm trying to get both communities (Homeworld's and WC's) aware of this. I want to see this happen!!
TC- the reason why is that I wouldn't know the first thing about making a MOD for a game. I play them... I don't make them. I'm just providing a suggestion that I thought some people might get excited about, and mabye get someone to work on it.
Hey ya tried.

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I still like the idea. I'd love to help but we need someone who has done mods before. This would take WV to a new level. If you haven't tried out Homeworld download the demo. You'll love it!
Been there and downloaded some things. But I'd need a tutorial to even begin creating my own "macross ion cannons".

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