Announcing The First Annual #Wingnut Wedding (June 20, 2004)


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We're happy to announce that CIC staff member Brandon Strevell and Cheryl Jornov were married yesterday in Valatie, New York. Everything went off perfectly as planned. We'd like to share a few happy photos of the event.
First photo above, from left to right: Frosty, LOAF, Blonde, ace & ChrisReid.

Original update published on June 20, 2004
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Bob McDob

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Wow, many congratulations and best wishes to you both. May your lives together be fruitful and everlasting!


Where was James the CIC Special Events Monkey during all this?

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Bandit LOAF

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We've set up a schedule.

Frosty is 2005, Chris is 2006. I don't remember who 2007 is, but I'm 2008.


TyeDyeBoy said:
Wow, Frosty needs to get to work.

Yeah, I guess that's what the hotornot.comming was for the other day. I think we need to start looking at mail order brides for him, again.