Am looking for Prophecy Gold and Secret Ops source code

Kelly St

Hi! My name is Kelly, and I'm looking for the source codes for these Wing Commander games: Wing Commander Prophecy Gold, and Wing Commander Secret Ops



Electronic Arts doesn't give out source code.

If you want the source code to learn about game development, there are many open source projects out there. Flight Commander was mentioned (source code available upon request), and there's also Vegastrike.


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Bandit LOAF said:
I'm willing to offer the source code to Transland.

Do you still have the binary? I can't seem to find it on my hard drive, but I swear it's around here somewhere. It might have gone down in the 'ol hard drive crash of '99 though.


Is you have a spare USD300,000-USD500,000, Electronic Arts would most likely be willing to discuss the release of the WC1 or 2 source code.
With a royalty fee for it's use as well, I would bet :) Generally speaking, Electronic Arts are a company that very rarely licenses its source and/or engines to other companies (this applies to all companies EA have bought out).

Of course, getting more recent engines (eg, Vision) would be more of a task, since they're still profitable to EA (and anyone else who wished to use them).

The only engine source that EA share is that of the EA Sports NHL/NBA/NFL/AFL with the various subcontractors that do each game.

Fear not though, with the size of the WC exe, it can't be more than about 65,000 lines of code :)