Adding comm messages without voiceovers?


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Hi guys, I had another quick question. I would like to have some communication dialogue to help make a custom mission more engaging. Is there a specific command that you can use to accomplish this? Something like a sub-title would be perfect.
I just the same like adding messages with voicelines :) In the event editor you can create the message on the right side. Name it, enter text and add an animation to it

Caution : If you don't add a voicefile, the animation will be played the entire length. Having only a short text, but a 16 seconds animation will screw up every timing you try in a dialogue. To avoid that, simply add a emtpy wav-file to the message (you can use the same empty wav-file for all messages of course, no need to make different ones)

Then you can use the "send-message" or "send-message-list" SEXP to make the line appear ingame when you want it. Subtitles come automatically (if you haven't disable them in HUD config)
just use bump.wav for all messages. Head-CP1 for confed pilots, CM3 for generic cap ships comms.