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Thought this might interest any of you who are crying for petitions at every corner.

Those of you who are fans of the DVD format might be aware of the recent unpleasantness when Warner Bros. announced that they were releasing the 30th anniversary edition of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY in full-frame/pan-and-scan only. DVD supporters far and wide on the Internet denounced the move, demanding that Warner release an original aspect ratio (widescreen) version, and cancelled thousands upon thousands of preorders to emphasize the point. An online petition was begun, complete with a very professional letter outlining the reasons for the outcry. In less than four weeks, over 11,000 people signed this single petition.

Today, Warner announced that they have decided to heed the voices of their customers, and will release a widescreen version in November.

So why did this petition work? Simple -- it was presented very professionally, with a clear and concise goal stated up front, without any negative commentary or flaming. Word of the petition spread rapidly through the online DVD community (Web sites, message boards, newsgroups), allowing supporters everywhere to be involved.

Take note -- THAT'S how to run a petition.


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So, a petition where EA executives are called "fascist pigs" and "corporate slaughters" and "money-hunger moth********" is totaly out of the question then...

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sample petition

Dear EA,

You bunch of <explicative delete>! How could you trash a great game like WC? I'm gonna make you all eat my <explicative delete>. And then, when you <explicative delete> it out, I'm gonna make you eat your <explicative delete> which is made up of my <explicative delete> which I made you eat! Unless, you make another WC game you fat <explicative delete> <explicative delete> <explicative delete>! Thank you for your time you <explicative delete>.

Yours Truly and with Good Intentions

The WC Community

So, you really think that would work?

PS:- for those out there crazy enough to think so......THIS IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!! It was meant strictly t be funny.


I certainly hope you wouldn't send it with all those typos/spelling errors in it... (expletive... wtf is an explicative :)

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Of course not. Didn't you read the PS at the end. It is just an example of what doesn't work. Of course, alot of people seem to think that it works.


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I don't think we need a 11,000 people to do a petition correctly, but we do need enough for them to take notice. What if we contacted PCworld, PCGamer, NextGen and all the PC game mags and told them we were petitioning for a new WC game?


Originally posted by OriginalPhoenix
...Word of the petition spread rapidly through the online DVD community (Web sites, message boards, newsgroups), allowing supporters everywhere to be involved...

unfortunately, *SOME* message boards don't like it when you post petition posts ;)