A hornet


Alex Von T.
not for any specific project, but FROSTY talked me into attempting to make an accurate to the blueprint hornet model. here is what I came up with:


Very accurate, but doesn't Standoff's Hornet have these massdriver-like neutronguns instead of the lasguns?

Edit: sry misread your post, i thought it was for the Standoff manual. Perfect rendition of the WC1 hornet mate.
The guns are too big, and there is no reason to re-inforcer her to get the wings to better increase the support
the guns are the exact width and length from the blueprint that came in the WC1 box.

I have read it twice and I really don't know what the second part of that sentence is trying to say.
She looks about right. It seems to me the "neck" of the ship should be just a touch wider. (Where the cockpit 'V' meets the body.) That could just be the camera angle of both of those shots playing with my eyes, however.
I made the model with a 3d file making program called metasequoia. Its a very cheap alternative to the toys the pros get to play with at $40. The textures are made with Ulead Photoimpact X3 by Corel.



Your textures are very true to the original plans, but those tricked the eye into seeing more details by putting top and bottom view in one image (don't even want to mention the cutaway from the blueprint posters). I don't know if metasequoia supports it, but i think a little bump mapping would do wonders on these textures and they'd still be true to the original.
bump mapping is something you can do in metasequoia, but it doesn't show up in the renders.. just once you put it in a project. still.. for $40 I ain't complainin' :p
Not too shabby looking at all, nice work :)
Look at the size of those laser cannons. Advancement through modernization of weaponry. ;)