A few newbies question



Thanks for everyone who makes this classics back alive. I have the following questions:

1. Is there any gun sync for different gun types?

2. Is there any ways to increase the max speed of a ship, apart from afterburner? I want to build "the fastest ship in Galaxy". :)

3. Is there any chance of taking down bases, say pirate base?

4. Any tips for people looking for "exciting" life-style, a la pirates and smugglers?

5. How could I re-assign buttons to my joystick?

6. If I eject, how could I hail other "friendly" ship to save me? Is it possible I got "enslaved"?


I'm not in a position to speak definitively on any of these but I'll take a crack at them...

1. I don't think so.
2. I don't think so.
3. I don't think so. Someinstallations are vital to the plot so allowing their destruction would be bad.
4. Start blowing up Insys ships and life will get pretty exciting pretty quickly. Start blowing up Confeds and you will probably find yourself "living in interesting times" as the proverb goes. I think it's even possible to end up so that the only friends you have left are the kats.
5. I use a mouse myself, someone else will have to answer this.
6. I don't think you do, though if you have another ship you can get back to a base and use it instead.
1, No
2, Yes, there is a speed enhancer upgrade available after you finish the 1st plot
3, It can be done if you hire a whole bunch of wingmen and have them shoot at the base for a hour or so
4, Well, go to pirate bases for work instead of blowing them up :)
5, Edit the vegastrike.config file
6, No, but you can autopilot to a base and use one of your older ships