[2020-02] Some novel character portraits

Haga Kaligara
(pilot of Imperial Claw)


"I was just surprised how he was able to make such an accurate full-gun attack in that state before ejecting?"

Reference to a pose by Patrick Colasour from Gundam 00...
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"I was just surprised how he was able to make such an accurate full-gun attack in that state before ejecting?"

Ni'ha'q'rathrgk anruni ja'l gar'ha'kh'in da kr'deranigatarothraktakh dumasbalan eshchurnisektalan.

(That sentence reads more like a statement than a question, so the translation is as such).
WC3 Blair


Colonel Blair of WC3 Ending... The hairstyle is a little different from the original one....


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I think Blair's face is extremely well done. I also like your Kilrathi test pilot he looks...likeable.
Thanks so much!

I guess I could start preparing the WC3 novel ending part of my visual project. The novel version has a bit more dialogue than the game's corresponding plot. I hope it could be funny.

You mean Haga Kaligara. 😅 Even though the character only appears in one sentence in the official novel, I think the expandability of his story is great. A Kilrah Empire pilot who participated in the McAuliffe ambush, survived more than 35 years to see the end of the war... I guess he is extremely lucky like Maniac. And judging by his willingness to be thanked for providing his personal diary and flight logs, it seems that, at least after the war ended, he doesn't have any extreme animosity towards the Terrans. I think it would be fun to design a scenario that this old kat travels to Earth.
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A new screenshot (backgrounds are not yet finished):


Now the WC3 novel ending draft is online: https://palmusicfan.github.io/

If you're not familiar with this part of the WC3 novel, I can give you a general overview. Its longer than the corresponding part of the game. There are more lines. Nephilim was mentioned in this plot. Blair said more words, though Melek was still the main speaker.

Comments are welcome. 😆
WC4 Blair


Colonel Blair of WC4 Border Worlds.

I know the Border Worlds Patch is missing. Actually I painted it, but I hide the layer at the moment.
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Captain Eisen


The kind of experienced feeling of the captain still doesn't seem to be fully drawn, but I I think I am doing my best for now.
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"You got it, kid."

This one is perhaps more like the original, but my coloring isn't quite as skilled yet.

I think it's a good likeness of Richard Riehle myself.

One thing - the English is 'Pliers', with the "s" on the end. It's one of those English words that's always referred to in the plural (e.g. "a pair of pliers") even when only referring to one of them.

"Ri'dyagar, kir'hra." I know...wrong species......
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The paintings look very decent, but I'm not entirely consent with the portrait of Blair. It should somehow look a little bit more like Mark Hamill in my eyes. Nontheless, very nice paintings.