wing commander

  1. Ansark

    Having trouble going from WC 1 to WC 2. (Edit: WC 2 mission 3)

    Hi. I recently started playing this series for the first time, and my goal is to play all WC campaigns. I had a blast with Wing Commander 1 despite its age, but I'm finding it difficult to adapt to WC2. I beated WC1 no problem, even the infamous Secret Missions felt quite manageable. But here...
  2. W

    How do the damage models differ

    I couldn't figure it out. How do WC1, WC2, WCS, WC3, WC4 and WCP differ regarding the damage model of their capital ships? I know that capital ships in WCP are invincible as long as their subsystems have not been destroyed one by one, which requires torpedoes. But I am not sure about the capital...
  3. F

    On June 18th, a new short Fan Film is coming

    On June 18 2018, 8 PM Zulu, a new short Fan Film is going to be released.
  4. JulianFB

    Scetchfab - Wing Commander ship models

    Hi guys, Most of you probably already visited Scetchfab, when dealing with 3D models but since they have a really cool list of Wing Commander ship models and I thought I drop the link here ;)
  5. Minuteman

    Wing Commander Media Chronology?

    I finally (finally!) acquired the Wing Commander Academy TV show and figured I'd do a totally watch/read/playthrough of the Wing Commander series (I generally replay the games once every year or two, but this time want to re-read the books and watch the movie/tv show in about the right order)...
  6. BrynS

    London Film & Comic Con 2017 - Tom Wilson & John Rhys-Davies

    Hey lads, long time no post! I still follow the site though but have cut back my forum use across a bunch of communities in recent years due to work. Hopefully I'll be a bit more active here again soon. Just wanted to let know that if you are in the UK and able to get down to London this...
  7. JulianFB

    Starway Fleet (Tribute to Wing Commander / Elite / Freelancer & Freespace)

    Hello everyone My good friends at Stormcube Games are about to release their Early Access title Starway Fleet on Steam. I'd really like to support them and since this is a game about space battle I believe it could be something for the Wing Commander community. I am a huge Privateer and Wing...
  8. G

    Wing Commander Prophecy Win 95 on Windows 7

    Dear forum, is there a way to install and play WC Prophecy (win95) on windows 7? I get several error messages on start installing. thanks a lot!
  9. Mindcrime

    Bring a WC wingman to SQ42

    If you could pick any wingman from any Wing Commander game and put them in SQ42 as a wingman option who would you pick? I have a tough time choosing between pre evil Hobbes, Maniac, and Vagabond.