1. L

    Wing Commander 4 modding

    Has anybody done any work to expose the file formats used by WC4? It seems like they did go to the trouble of making an actual video game here, only it's all rendered pointless by this ridiculous missile meta. I feel like if I could just tweak the damage values of those missiles a bit, I'd be...
  2. noleafclover76

    WC vs Star Wars Squadrons

    Has anyone here played star wars squadrons yet? I find it funny how many similarities it has to the WC3 and above games. Like for instance the hangar layout and chat options. Anyone else feel this way also?
  3. F

    WCS for modern FSO-builds and WC4 Tech Demo Port

    Almost a month ago, a team of HLP-members led by Admiral Nelson released a beta-version of "Wing Commander Saga - The Darkest Dawn" for modern FreeSpace Open builds as well as a port of the classic "Wing Commander IV Tech Demo". All details on the changes, missing features and open tasks can be...
  4. Hellakazoo

    Galactic Civilizations III Wing commander project.

    I've Been working on creating all the Confed ships since early in the year in Galciv3's ship builder. At this point I have around 35 confed ships (and a lone kilrathi fighter) on steam workshop. Interested to see this communities take on my work so far. Initially I started out with the goal to...