1. Ragger

    WC1 "The Path of Most Medals" + helpful links

    It begins... with me, a "long lost" Wing Commander fan/fiend. I played Wing Commander on my parents 386 in the early-mid 90's. I had massive, detailed blueprints of the ships that I thought were awesome! We had a joystick JUST FOR THE GAME! A number of years ago, I went in search of a...
  2. Hellakazoo

    Galactic Civilizations III Wing commander project.

    I've Been working on creating all the Confed ships since early in the year in Galciv3's ship builder. At this point I have around 35 confed ships (and a lone kilrathi fighter) on steam workshop. Interested to see this communities take on my work so far. Initially I started out with the goal to...