space combat

  1. Wedge009

    Endless Sky (and comparison with Privateer)

    Over the last week and a half I've been having a lot of fun playing Endless Sky. It's a cross-platform FOSS game that apparently has been around since late 2015, so I wish I had found it sooner. A search through the forums didn't seem to show anyone else has mentioned it before, so I'm making a...
  2. JulianFB

    Starway Fleet (Tribute to Wing Commander / Elite / Freelancer & Freespace)

    Hello everyone My good friends at Stormcube Games are about to release their Early Access title Starway Fleet on Steam. I'd really like to support them and since this is a game about space battle I believe it could be something for the Wing Commander community. I am a huge Privateer and Wing...
  3. JulianFB

    Podcast about Wing Commander (the movie)

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this Podcast about the Wing Commaner movie has been posted at the Combat Information Center yet - its already a year old :) - but I believe it is worth sharing. Sorry, that the link looks that way (I cannot post links yet) ;)...
  4. Maslas

    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Dear Wingnuts, first, I'd like to introduce my self. I am Maslas I am permanent citizen of Greece(with all the pros and cons that this fact concludes), me and my family are running a small company witch provides IT and Network solutions here in Greece and I grew up waiting from Santa the...