1. F

    Spacedock Video about Pulsars mentions WC: Academy (TV) and the WC Movie

    The latest Spacedock video about Pulsars in Science and Sci-Fi mentions the "Wing Commander: Academy" episode "Expendable" and the Wing Commander Movie:
  2. NuAngel

    1999 Chris Roberts WC Movie interview unearthed

    A 1999 GameSpot UK interview with Chris Roberts was originally linked from the CIC (, but the URL has since disappeared. Thanks to's WayBack Machine, we can read the classic Wing Commander Movie interview as it once...
  3. AD

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars movie thread... [Don't read this thread if you haven't seen the movie yet]

    I liked it! It's definitely worth seeing if you love Star Wars, though there are some oddities. The production nailed the visual aesthetic of the original three chapters, I really liked the reliance on real location shooting over the prequels CG vistas. I thought the pacing in the second half...