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  1. Starkey

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Superb movie! Flight sequences are truly amazing. Definitely recommend an IMAX theather for this one.
  2. Starkey

    Brazilian Mag Review Highlights WC3 for 3DO (July 23, 2022)

    Guilherme Poggiali is yours truly!! Been away for some time but my love for WC and this community is forever!
  3. Starkey

    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    It would be great to be in a squadron with friends here from the CIC! Count me in!
  4. Starkey

    Ask Ben a Question!

    If you have the opportunity, a Trelane system would be cool!
  5. Starkey

    Ask Ben a Question!

    I have a question for Ben... We already have the Hadrian and Hades system. What is the goal to unlock the LOAF system?
  6. Starkey

    Interest renovated in Privateer

    With all that has been going on with Star Citizen, I felt compelled to play Privateer all over again. I bought it at GOG, but it does not come with Righteous Fire. Where can I buy RF from?
  7. Starkey

    Ask Ben a Question!

    That thread over at RSI is crazy... I like it here where LOAF is LOAF and he can be mean and change the avatars of those who ask stupid questions. :D Speaking of which, how many people are currently working in Star Citizen? How is working with Chris Roberts?
  8. Starkey

    Gemini's Famous Foursome on the Ballot (November 5, 2012)

    Ramming pirates with the Orion... Good times
  9. Starkey

    Old login to robertsspaceindustries? How to donate?

    I'll just wait a couple days so they can fix everything.
  10. Starkey

    Breaking: New Chris Roberts Game Announced! (October 10, 2012)

    Absolutely thrilling news! :) What does UEES stand for?
  11. Starkey

    XBox 360 dashboard fall update

    Chris, I´m going to buy my Kinect next week... Any game recommendations?
  12. Starkey

    Suggest a Movie!

    Some good Brazilian stuff: City of God (current #18 on IMDb best movies list) Elite Squad Elite Squad 2 (recent movie, may not have English subtitles yet) Central Station (drama, one Oscar nomination)
  13. Starkey

    Difficulty Levels

    It's like Dund said... on nightmare your wingmen get smarter... but so do the kats. And you really start fearing sarthas and drakhris and their damned DFs :p About the crashing, can you be more specific? Which are the mission objectives?
  14. Starkey

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.29 now available

    As usual, if any of you finds anything unusual, please let us know... The major bugs from the release date are gone, but every now and then we notice something new to polish
  15. Starkey

    Important: Update your video card drivers. Really !

    I´ve downloaded it... but it doesn´t seem to have made much of a difference in my ATI machine.
  16. Starkey

    Problems? Post them here...

    Usually if you hit a friendly ship twice it will call you a traitor. This happens especially when trying to save the Firekka from enemy torps, sometimes you'll end up hitting your carrier
  17. Starkey

    Problems? Post them here...

    EddieB, I´ve been checking that mission today and could not reproduce your error... All the times I played, the Concordia kills the Fralthra and then I autopilot home to end the mission... Does it happen every time you play it?
  18. Starkey

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    It depends :): which hardware do you have?
  19. Starkey

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    Did you quit and restart your launcher?