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    The most loathed startfighter ever.

    I'm more suited to bomber work than light-and-nimble fighting, myself. In WC1, I didn't have anything I really hated, but I wasn't all that fond of the Rapier ... I thought it was terribly overrated. WC2, I didn't care for any of 'em really, although I thought the Broadsword was a very pretty...
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    Real life is full of bothersome inconsistencies, why shouldn't fiction be the same? :) -The Gneech ("I don't seem to recall ever owning a 'droid...") :cool:
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    Anyone here like D&D

    I like D&D 3.x, although I prefer the HERO System. -The Gneech :cool:
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    Lines you'd use if you were a pilot

    Why not, seems like fun! Callsign: Gneech (what a surprise) Inflight Transmissions Reply yes "Yeah, uh huh." Or: "I'm on it!" Reply no "Uuuuuuuuhm ... no." Or: "Yeah, right." No enemy spotted "Honk shoo! Honk shoo!" Enemy spotted (few) "Is that all?"...
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    Plebe with questions

    For Kilrathi, I recommend using the "Overt Bear Moreau" stats from d20 Modern. (Been puttering around with a Wing Commander d20 idea myself.) -The Gneech :cool:
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    Familiar Filler?

    To be strictly accurate, I tested my computer with WCP, not WC2, but Vince isn't a WC aficianado, so that can be forgiven. ;) -The Gneech :cool:
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    Tachyon is fun; very nice depiction of massive, massive starbases, and lots of nice little touches. Doesn't quite grab hold like Wing Commander, but definitely worth getting and playing. Bruce Campbell's voiceovers are terrific. :) -The Gneech :cool:
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    Wing Commander 3: Silly Stuff

    Wow, good eye for detail! I missed that entirely. :) -The Gneech :cool:
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    Wing Commander 3: Silly Stuff

    Which of course leads to the question that I wondered about when playing WCP the first time... Where are Confed's stealth fighters? Imagine how much easier taking out Nephilim capships would be in a cloaked Devastator... -The Gneech :cool:
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    I got Starlancer when it was new or relatively so; I didn't find it particularly engaging. Gameplay was fun enough, but the story sorta felt like, "Etcetera, etcetera." A fake armistice designed to lure everyone into a trap with hidden/cloaked fighters? That was Fleet Action, right? Or was it...
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    I have replayed the second mission about six times now, cranking it down all the way to rookie, and I still barely survive, much less succeed. Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm not that great a pilot, but I don't totally suck. The first few times I tried, I used my regular flying style...
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    Wing Commander 3: Silly Stuff

    Assuming the ship performance specs in Unknown Enemy are roughly accurate, I'm just as happy not to be in those older ships -- one good hit from a Gratha just chews my Epee up! I know I'm not the best pilot in the wing, but da-yam! :eek: -The Gneech :cool: Edit: Gratha! Not Krant...
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    To wrench the topic back on course, I'd say this depends on the plane, on the country, and on the style of the day. WWII planes tended to be green; WWI planes came in a wide spectrum of colors; Bert Rutan's planes are all shiny white; lots of airlines have planes that are bright red or stark...
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    When it comes to a ship's love life, I prefer a "don't ask, don't tell" approach. -The Gneech :cool:
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    I was checking out the "Flight of the Excalibur" wallpaper (which is very nice!), and that combined with beginning to play Unknown Enemy, finally pointed out to me one of the things that has been bothering me about the later WC titles, namely color. In WC1 and WC2, the ships are all vivid...
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    Oh, SCHWEET!

    Just got UE working and played the first mission -- I agree with OverMortal, very nice indeed! I did a couple of "beauty passes" around the Dauntless and it felt just like old home week -- particularly since I just finished replaying WC1 earlier this week. Again, a job well done! -The...
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    Oh, SCHWEET!

    Actually, I'm not too shabby in the v/o department myself, drop me a note if you're still looking. I can do a fair number of accents, impressions, or just speak with my United States of Generica natural tone. All I need is a glass jar to talk into, and you've got Instant Kilrathi! The main...
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    Oh, SCHWEET!

    It's on my to-do list, right above "learn Japanese" and right below "build a 6' model of the U.S.S. Enterprise." -The Gneech :cool:
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    Speaking of which, there is a 3-CD set from Kilrathi Saga up on eBay, sans manuals, boxes, etc. Surely that can't be all the disks required, can it? -The Gneech :cool:
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    Oh, SCHWEET!

    Now see, that's a project I'd really get excited about! Although giving UE a try is right up there on my to-do list! :) -The Gneech :cool: