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    New face Icon!

    Excellent wingman, but too expensive if I remember correctly. The best wingman is still a heavy freighter.
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    Most Iconic wing commander missions

    WC4, if that counts, the very first „mission.“ Getting to duel Maniac, then pirates appear, then unknown terrorists destroy the outposty place you need to land at... The first half hour or so of WC4 is just excellent. Later in the game, I‘m not the biggest fan of this whole ‘interactive movie‘...
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    blade runner 2049

    As a huge BR fan (if I have to name my "one" favourite movie, it's BR) I was expecting to be disappointed. That didn't happen, though! When first leaving the cinema after seeing BR 2049, I wasn't exactly sure about my feeling. But soon enough, I realized that I could support the new one. Very...
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    Bring a WC wingman to SQ42

    AD, you make a very good point about the lessons WC3 teaches its player. Never really thought about it like that but it makes a lot of sense - if you look at it that way, the love-interest stuff ceases to be so cheesy and becomes something more. My Wingman choice: Primate. Second pick would be...
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    Holding the line questions

    I don't know anything about RPGs and the mechanics involved, just as someone who played a lot of WC 3, 4 and Prophecy my personal feeling about Wasp interceptor craft is that they're very specialized point-defence craft... on MY big carrier, I'd have less of them than say Piranhas or...
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    vagabond himself on a new scifi show

    Sorry for intruding and commenting on this side-topic. In my very humble and irrelevant opinion, new-BSG was outstanding, very remarkable in the general "feel" it emitted, set designs, CG effects etc. absolutely impressive. The pseudo-religios themes they tried to scratch, sorry, didn't...
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    Wing Commander characters you wished you got to see more of...

    I would have really liked to get to see more of Rachel.
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    wc4 discussion while doing a playrhrough

    A few opinions about characters: Hawk: Liked him a lot in WC4 and Prophecy, only at the end the character's behaviour was regrettable but before that point (let's say it was a device to test Casey) he was always professional and very likeable, his bitterness all too understandable. An...
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    GOG Galaxy and the wing commander series

    Yeah my examples meant things like this one. Something that in real-world physics certainly would be possible, but highly unlikely. As the player, one may wonder if the game is programmed in way to make such a bingo-hit possible at all or if it would just dismiss it. Now if there's an actual...
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    So few jump points between Earth and Kilrah

    In Privateer 2, there are inter-system jumps (the gates), but it's also possible to travel between system using the normal jump-buoys which mark every nav-point. Completely different technology. I'd say for the sake of this topic, one should not assume that it's really compatible with navigation...
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    GOG Galaxy and the wing commander series

    I think the reflex against such things comes from nostalgy about one's own fantasy when playing... If you play a game a lot, you not only play the game, you also start to play "with" the game. You give yourself your own challenges so to speak. A good game provides a playground for your own...
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    GOG Galaxy and the wing commander series

    In my opinion, so-called achievements in a WC game would only make sense if they were implemented originally. By that I mean that the "reward" should be something really valuable, not just some statistic or a certain amount of in-game currency / prestige whatever but something special, therefore...
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    Why is Privateer 2 Rated M?

    Maybe it's because of the Louisa Philips side-story... More likely though, it has to do with a few rather offensive scenes, especially the Kronos stuff, and the general language.
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    Live Long and Prosper.......R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

    From the stars we came, and to the stars we return, from now until the end of time. Spock was one of my first childhood heroes.
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    Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

    If 1) there are 1000 oldschool WC fans today that became fans after the 90ies era because they missed it then or were too young (a very modest assumption) and 2) Enthusiasm with space shooters/sims stays about the same over the decades (realistic) and 3) Humankinds's total population...
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    choose your own adventure

    Actually, I played it very thoroughly years ago, re-playing it countless times experiencing every possible path etc... and it didn't appear to be buggy to me then, but that probably also depends on the version or who knows what... Anyway, while the game was still unfinished, Westwood (I...
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    choose your own adventure

    Since adventure games have already been talked about through Monkey Island, I'd like to mention Blade Runner. Released in 1997, its story unwinds in the same days and some of the locations of the 1982 Ridley Scott motion picture (best movie ever, btw). There's quite a number of different...
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    ChrisReid on TV

    You appear very reasonable there. The "speaker" type rally guy reminds me a lot of Edward Norton's role in American History X though. I'm not making a point, just found the resemblance too strinking not to tell. BTW, I'm from Switzerland and support the idea of decent people owning firearms and...
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    Privateer 2 email SIDE PLOTS question

    Excellent, glad to hear that you can continue your journey through the wonderful and intriguing Tri System.
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    Privateer 2 email SIDE PLOTS question

    Right, you met her on a planet, video-encounter... She should be right there in the planet's local space after your next launch, you're supposed to toggle through all targets there, find and then contact her as I described. If that does not work I would suspect some kind of error too - I have...