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  1. MadDog243

    New Car

    Wow that is something else!
  2. MadDog243

    New Car

    That is a sleek looking ship you've got there! Can we get a peak at the engine compartment?
  3. MadDog243

    A Hearty Hello to all at the CIC!!!

    Nice to see so many familiar faces and see that the boards are still quite active! :)
  4. MadDog243

    A Hearty Hello to all at the CIC!!!

    Thanks LOAF! It's good to be back.
  5. MadDog243

    A Hearty Hello to all at the CIC!!!

    Not sure how many remember this ol space dog but I was user number 35 on this forum and did most of my posting in early 2000-2001. Really glad to see this community still kicking and hoping to see some familiar faces! I've been thinking about doing another WC1&2 playthrough as its been a few...
  6. MadDog243

    Excellent job!

    Hi there, I downloaded standoff yesterday and I must say I am blown away by how good a job was done making this game. I havent been around the forums in a long time but I remember when the game was being developed, and it is a real pleasure to see how it all came together, as well (obviously)...
  7. MadDog243

    Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander

    There are some obvious similarities, which I think was an intentional omage to the show. The new BSG reminded me of WC too, with its dark and absorbing narrative. What a great show that was.
  8. MadDog243

    People just don't make games like WC anymore

    Indeed. I think the writing was a huge part of it, and something that stayed consistent throughout the entire series. There was not a bad Wing Commander game IMO, and I know that is true for many others here. Thats part of what was wrong with the movie, it tried to feel stylized but it...
  9. MadDog243

    The Official Screenshots Thread

    Lookin good guys, cant wait to see the finished product.
  10. MadDog243

    Any Freelancer Mods?

    thanks guys.
  11. MadDog243

    Any Freelancer Mods?

    Hey guys, havent been around in a while :mad: really busy out in the real world. I recently picked up freelancer, great game so far. I am actually damn surprised that i am liking the mouse and keyboard controls in a space sim. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone in the community has put...
  12. MadDog243

    Coolest Looking Spacecraft in WC

    Hmm, gotta love the Excalibur :D Favorite capship is the Vesuvius. And dont say anything about me compensating for something ;)
  13. MadDog243

    Star Trek Armada WC Total Conversion

    Ive been away a while, but its good to be back!!! I remember a while back someone was working on a Armada total conversion to WC, and i dont know if this is the same one but since i saw it i figured anyone here who didnt know about it deserves to...
  14. MadDog243

    Whats your other big passion?

    Mixed Martial Arts and Bodybuilding
  15. MadDog243

    Well, now what!.

    Well, now what! Because it originated the space sim genre, and nothing has ever come close to being as good.
  16. MadDog243

    Secret Ops

    Admins delete this, it was meant as a reply
  17. MadDog243

    Running Privateer 1 on Windows ME

    well it is MY post :D
  18. MadDog243

    Running Privateer 1 on Windows ME

    yes, im pretty sure i was just messin with ya. I dont spend nearly enough time on here.
  19. MadDog243

    Running Privateer 1 on Windows ME

    Oh god, TC is a moderator. Hell must have just froze over :)
  20. MadDog243

    Running Privateer 1 on Windows ME