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    Hagaka vs. Midway

    This is a tough one to called, both ships are impressive. i would have to go with midway based off it's fighters. it also depends on the ships tactics, and use of it's fighters.
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    Movies to see

    you forgot aqua teen hunger force the movie.
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    Space Sim First Look: Star Trek Legacy (June 25, 2006)

    this game looks amazing. i'm getting a 360 just so i can play this game.
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    Wing commander 6 - possible story

    it's Wing Commander 6.5! just kidding. but another wing commander really couldn't hurt.
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    i feel bad for the guy. i know he was in a dangerous line of work, but that i was a bad way for him to go out.
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    Star Trek: Favorite Class...

    my favorite is the defiant class
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    CIC Clothing

    i would like a WCP jumpsuit along with a t-shirt that has TCS Midway or TCS Archangel written on it.
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Crash in Mission 27 (Plasma Gun Defense)

    that has happened to me before. just replay the mission from before or the mission where the midway is under attacked, make sure the midway takes no or little damage. i recommanded go after the bombers as soon as they appear, the fighters are just there to bother you and to add more kills.
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    Most Average Fighter?

    i would have to go with the tigershark
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    Concordia Concept Borrows Bengal Look (March 28, 2006)

    very interesting, not really sure what to make of this. it looks cool though.
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    rank system question

    i thought blair was promoted to Brigadier General after stopping Tolwyn in WC4. then i thought he was transferred to the Navy with the rank of Commodore.
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    rank system question

    okay thank you, i was just wondering that's all. were use to that in the core. i was wondering if the same thing applied.
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    rank system question

    i was looking over blair's profile in the encyclopedia section and i was wondering since blair was killed in action wouldn't he be automatically promoted up two ranks to vice admiral instead of Commodore. just wondering.....
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    WC Web Comic

    the comic itself
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    WC Web Comic

    now that's funny.
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    WC:T Dorkir

    it just looks big but the close up pictures. but it looks sweet, i like it.
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    Bloodrayne Bombs At The Box Office (January 9, 2006)

    that movie is gonna suck. i wonder if it's gonna do worse than catwoman.
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    WCP High-Res Oddity

    i had that same problem myself a few times while i was playing. i eventually re-install the whole thing.