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  1. overmortal

    Shameless request for help

    12 days left, btw. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look! And for anyone who wants to hear the album we did ten years ago, check out
  2. overmortal

    Shameless request for help

    Also, have updated the kickstarter page with audio samples from the raw demos for the EP.
  3. overmortal

    Shameless request for help

    I actually wanted to have music playing in the background, or cut to a raw demo of one of the tracks, but my video editing software doesn't seem too interested in actually using the video from my phone, and so I went into the living room and just started rambling. I would also gladly shoot...
  4. overmortal

    Shameless request for help

    Hey, all. I haven't posted in these forums in quite some time, so many of you won't know me, but I've humbly come to ask a favor. I've started a kickstarter campaign to fund a cd I'm putting out. The style is mid 90's punk rock, and I'm raising the funds to finish the final stages of...
  5. overmortal

    BREAKING NEWS: Chris' Clock Counts Cloudward (September 9, 2012)

    A nice new Privateer would be fantastic. Looks like only 10 mins to go :)
  6. overmortal

    What a novel conversation!

    This was a difficult choice for me, but I went with End Run. The reason is that it had a lot of freedom with a semi-established character, a new ship, and a great story. It brought a lot of realism into the WC universe, for me, and carried an excellent sense of suspense. That said, I loved...
  7. overmortal

    Pushing the envelope

    A couple years ago, there was a little program called Space Combat (from the creator of X-Plane) which featured purely Newtonian physics, realistic lasers, and some form of star trek styled torpedoes. You could even build your own vessels to your own specifications. I re-created a few Wing...
  8. overmortal

    What moments stand out most?

    There was something absolutely wonderful about starting out in Privateer, and working my way up to a better ship. Jumping was also one of the best things in that game, especially with that damned drone gunning for you. WC2 torp runs were absolutely killer. I'm a sucker for torp runs, and the...
  9. overmortal

    Updated Status... 08/07/09

    I'll weigh in. I think that BOTH are a good idea! And, as much as you'll hate me for saying it, I genuinely think you should make both. Maybe even separate games built on the same engine. I absolutely LOVED TF2. I loved how balanced the gameplay was, and how each class had an antithesis. I...
  10. overmortal

    New Wing Commander Game?

    I'm going to be honest, I'm not terribly interested in following the Nephilim conflict any further than we have. They're simply not as compelling as the Kilrathi. For being an alien race of cat-like people, they had a very human element that allowed you to relate to them a little, and even...
  11. overmortal

    Q's Wedding Thread

    Congratulations, Quarto! Here's to a long, happy marriage! I totally wish you guys the best!
  12. overmortal

    Spyware Scare tactics

    Y'know, it's thoughts like yours that start large movements. You feel like people should be protected against such actions, and rightly so. I think you should pursue this. You never know what you can accomplish till you try, man.
  13. overmortal

    Richard Garriot officiates first space wedding

    There's a website where you can get good looking swords really cheap, if the moderators don't mind me giving you the address. They've got everything, pretty much, from wall-hangers to "battle ready". Maybe that'll help.
  14. overmortal

    Where to start

    Eh, it seems like anytime someone pops up and says "Let's do this project, I don't want to lead it", it usually ends up being that that someone isn't terribly interested in doing the actual work required to do something so ambitious in the first place. Cool idea, great community spirit, but I...
  15. overmortal

    I'm finally getting hitched

    Congrats, man! Marriage can be a wonderful thing (even though mine was a disaster). Here's to many happy years together; a lifetime of love fulfilled!
  16. overmortal

    Saga Translated (October 10, 2008)

    I'm actually interested to play the missions with the German dubs. Is the prologue available in German yet?
  17. overmortal

    Wing Commander MUSH revival? The guys there can get you started, even though it's a MUD, not a MUSH. The company that created blackmud will, upon request, give you a starter pack into making one of your own. You can e-mail them, find them on the forums, or even get into the game and 'pray' to them OOC...
  18. overmortal

    right of choice?

    Lots of people think I'm a "holier than thou prick" anyways, so your butt-hurt attempt to troll my e-penis has failed. You're just one more member of an already large group. tl:dr = Sticks and stones.
  19. overmortal

    To die or not to die?

    Well, there are two ways to go about looking at that. In the games, there comes a point where you decide either to eject or not to. If you choose not to, you may not get another chance. It would sound to me like that's the choice (to or not to eject) during the movement phase. That being...
  20. overmortal

    Progress Update #3

    An RPG element would be kinda neat, but I don't think it would fit the established goals of the game. However, some sort of skill system in a WC game would be pretty sweet. I suppose it'd be kinda like Elder Scrolls . . . IN SPACE!