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    WC4 Under Windows 2000

    I got it running under WindowsXP Pro under Windows95 compatibility mode... Have you tried other compatibilty settings? Try Windows98, or even try it without any compatibility modes on...If that doesn't help, then I'm sure there's someone else here that can help. :)
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    Starlancer bug

    I have the same problem with Starlancer... Last time it kicked me out of the game without warning, I didn't play it again... I'll try turning off 3D sound.
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    This Mod is Dead.

    I visit Lancersreactor a lot... What do you mean, do they just not want a Wing Commander mod? Then they ARE stupid! Since I got into Freelancer, I've wanted nothing but to see a Wing Commander mod...
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    WC4 running in WinXP... Can't use joystick.

    by the way, I tried the joystick patch, and still no go.
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    Are the Secret Ops episodes really not distributed freely anymore?

    Well, in that case, someone might wanna send this site an email and let em know... :(
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    WC4 running in WinXP... Can't use joystick.

    Well, I got it running... It runs perfect, even the movies, but I can't get the joystick working.:( It's a Microsoft Force Feedback Pro (the first generation one), it's the version that plugs into the gameport...
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    Are the Secret Ops episodes really not distributed freely anymore?

    I'm not gonna give any links, or tell anyone where to find them, because I read the other thread about the episodes. Well, I found episodes 2-7 on a very well known mainstream gaming site. :) I'm really glad I found em, actually, because I had all of the episodes on my harddrive before...
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    Prophecy and Secret Ops in XP (was: WCP video question)

    Secret Ops runs perfect for me, have to use Win98/Me compatibility, but it runs great! :D Just too bad I can't use anti-aliasing from my videocard, it makes the in-game cutscenes over-sample er something... Still can't get regular Prophecy to run right, FMV cutscenes are really screwy...
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    WC Prophecy: Videos run too fast on AthlonXP

    I have this problem too: Athlon XP 1600+ 512mb DDR RAM ATI Radeon 64mb DDR Windows XP Professional Videos run way too fast!! I'm gonna try a new video driver and see if it helps...