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    Enterprise Season 4 - This Will Be GOOD!

    Here's an idea: ENT season 4 should pull out a time travel move that changes the future to match up with TOS, hence reconciling all continuity breaches and eventually leading to formation of the Temporal Investigations (cough..X-Files..cough) some such thing seen a little in DS9 so as to keep...
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    Why didn't Confed fight the Kilrathi more intelligently?

    I remember this thread just about the time finals came up for me last year, it was a real releief from stress since it was so damn funny. Personally, I think we ought to make this thread required reading for new members, and as a test, ask them to pick out what's wrong with it and make them...
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    WC the movie

    I saw WCM on Sci-Fi again and the Kilrathi scenes kinda look like crap. It looked like the TV formating really screwed them up, are/were they any good on DVD or in theatres?
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    X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter

    I found a Midway class STRKC in a mission pack that had the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter missions converted to XvT compatiblity, as well as a patch to fly the missle boat. It bares a striking resemblance to the Prophecy carrier, check out "Missle Boat Diplomacy" in the Imperial exercise missions...
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    Some wierd fanfic

    Whatever happened to our polymer missile friend? I believe he was also talking about reflective and reactive mech armor for WC fighters.
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    Nice, but I've got it running on my paleolithic Pentium 90, and it's still fun as hell.
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    Wow, I wasn't anticipating a Hardwar discussion turning into an ethics debate. "Abandonware" is a fictional term because of intellectual property laws; in a practial sense, "extinctware" or "USA-onlyware" is probably a more accurate description for such old games. Someone somewhere loved...
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    I used to play armada splitscreen with my firend, which kinda made the strategy part pretty useless unless we left the room during eachother's turn.
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    Enterprise Season 4 - This Will Be GOOD!

    I finally figured out where I heard the ENT theme song's in the credits of Patch Adams. Just thought I'd share.
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    Puppy Update.

    Was that rabbit cartoon from Jazz Jackrabbit? Or was that just a nightmare?
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    Well shit.

    I hate consoles but I already got my ass kicked while trying to justify it, so that's that... I've been a simulator fan since I played F15 Strike Eagle, and I think most of the sales trouble with flight/space sims has to do with cyclical rises and falls in popularity with other generes. I...
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    Soup quality is restaurant quality.

    ... just thought I'd put in my two cents
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    Jason: I've only had the game a few days now, and I was having a little trouble getting used to the power management, so I kept getting killed early without power to recharge shields. The Silver Y sucks but the salvage drone can make some decent money in scrap metal early on (this Moth sucks at...
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    When/where does the machinery to make stuff in your hangar become available for you to purchase? I can last until about day 6 (offline) in a Silver Y scavenger Moth before someone puts me down, and I haven't seen anything.
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    I've got XP and the demo I downloaded seems to be working fine, just it crashes everytime it tries to access a video (which so far has been me getting killed).
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    No medical.

    Wasn't there a WCA episode where they debated sending a sick Kilrathi back to his fleet?
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    Anyone ever heard of the game Hardwar (1998)? I first got a link to it while looking through the Vega Strike website, and it's rather reminiscent of Privateer (trading, shooting pirates, evading the cops, etc). Apparently it's got a small but dedicated fan base who play online fairly...
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    The Word Game

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    It's like watching the Death Star being built...
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    tips for wc2's last mission

    I prefer the "sit-and-kick" tactics, just slow down and turn with him in a lag pursuit, shooting him up every few passes when you can. It gets a little nauseating and time consuming, but eventually he'll start to change his turning rate and let you gain progressively better firing aspects on...