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    Wing Commander E-Books

    Are there E-Book versions of the Wing Commander Novels out there? Preferably for the Kindle?
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    Empire vs Confederation

    From what I gathered the political system sounds very much like that of Starship Troopers, with Citizenship limited to a certain Elite be it military veterans, rich businessmen etc.. Most people dont seem to enjoy citizenship in the Empire. And I havent yet gathered wheter the Emperors are...
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    Going for the wingnut pledge for 100 Euros.
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    I m not too much into that MMO thing. I am quite happy if the game delivers a sold singleplayer experience. But as it will have a big online component, i hope that its going to be a player defined world, not a world that purely is defined by its adventuring content. I played some of the very...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander IV on GOG (April 3, 2012)

    Just got myself a new Ultrabook. Nothing better than to inaugurate it with this purchase. Thanks for the info just bought WC1+WC2 pack (havent played the games for ages after my floppies were corrupted).
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    Anyone know how to get in touch with Chris Roberts?

    And its basically free money, in the sense of interst free money. That can be the difference for many projects between making a profit or not. Take the adventure project which asked for somewhat under one million dollars. Raising 1 million dollars through loans will cost you quite a bit of money...
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    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    It could be classified as a light destroyer. In essence what we see the Paradigm perform is protecting behind the lines shipping lanes from pirates and the ocassional incursion of Kilrathi smaller craft like corvettes and jump capable fighters. In contrast to the ship protection role that we see...
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    Loot and decision making was always part of RPGs. Having squad mates level up is quite to the core mechanics. But applying the same to a player character when a Space fighter sim is at the core, character building gets a bit problematic - or would you like to have character traits determine...
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    One could also go the mercenary route like Mechwarrior 4. Giving the control over a small capital ship/base with fighters and marines. Something like that would probably fit with the post Prophecy era - opening up possiblities to work for Kilrathi clans and Human factions, Firekka, Pirates...
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    What might be done is a complete reboot like Star Trek did. Granted Wing Commander only has 20 years to show, but apart from the few die hard fans still around I doubt many would care if the franchise got rebooted. Though the WC universe definitly grants enough possibility to fit in intrigueing...
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    Mincraft meets Privateer

    There is going to be a new space game and it sounds a bit like privateer. The next project for Minecraft creator notch is going to be a space game named 0x10^C
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    Saga Download Tally (March 29, 2012)

    Would be interesting how much money one could get together for a good old fashioned Space Sim through a crowd funding atempt. Double Fine productions got like 3,3 Mio. Dollars for a point and click adventure through crowd funding. Thats not enough for an AAA game, but thats enough money to make...
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    Saga Download Tally (March 29, 2012) normaly is a very relyable host when it comes to fast downloads, and considering that WC-Saga has quite a bit of a following within the German speaking area I wouldnt be surprised if most of the 35.000 downloads were actually completed (at much lower times than 24 hours - I dont know...
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    Saga Download Tally (March 29, 2012)

    The 50.000 downloads is the number thats posted on the WC-Saga site, claiming that it was downloaded that much in the first 24 hours. Guessing that the news post is from the CIC the 800 downloads probably only take account of the downloads from the CIC servers.
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    Mass Effect 3

    Just rewatched it. In the blue ending the station is clearly seen closing its arms, not fireing another energy ray (though the relays are destroyed nevertheless by the initial pulse). In the green and red endings the is destroyed after it gives of the ray that destroys the mass relays...
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    Mass Effect 3

    SPOILERS: In one of the endings the citadel seems to survive. In the other two endings it seems to disintegrate shortly before it releases its last energy pulse
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    Mass Effect 3

    Started playing it. Just finished Thessia, probably going to finish the game today or tomorrow evening. Couldnt resist and watched some of the endings on youtube after all the fuzz I read about them. Seems to be a bit of a letdown. At least with old Baldurs Gate they gave you some written...
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    Mass Effect 3

    Bought ME2 about a year ago. Never had the time to play it until some weeks ago when I cought the flu. Thought I could as well play it and determine wheter Id also buy ME3 when it comes out. The game sucked me right in and Ive done two playthroughs since then - gonna buy ME3 today when I get...
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    "Let's play" series

    Id love that. But at least the original FS2 Engine was limited to a winning and loosing branch - though the missions could vary depending on success in prior missions.
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    Mortality among pilots

    Realy hard to compare to real world conflicts. Firstly data is far and between when it comes to actual numbers of pilots compared to casualties. There are short campaigns where those numbers are documented - as with the Battle over Brittain which became was very much about atrition with...