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    Star Trek Communicator Phone

    Sorry - think I've missed something here: Why is it trying to look like a ST:TOS communicator, and the interface is something from ST:TNG?
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    My first time was also with a Commodore Amiga A500+ (It came with 1Mb of memory as opposed to the A500's 512K). I was naughty in those days and stumbled across a pirate copy of Wing Commander. It came on 3 double-density 3 1/2 inch disks (about 720Kb per disk). I played it once, got hooked...
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    Under Siege

    Sorry - I've not understood the pictures properly - is that the city council digging up the street or is it actually some kind of redneck family that's decided to hire some diggers and do it themselves? What you should do is snaffle that ride-on roller in the middle picture and take it for a...
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    WingCommanderMovie: How would you have made it?

    No, but the fact that your parents were Pequot Indian, would make you a Pequot Indian, n'est-ce pas? I'll stop now as I can't argue this without going off-topic, sorry. Sorry, my bad. Looks like I got "owned" on this one. I know you love those phrases :p Right - WCM never existed and I...
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    Guns? What are your feelings?

    Just my views from across the pond. I understand that there are a lot of people here who are pro-gun and value their right to defend their home and the right to bear arms etc. I'm not that familiar with US history but I believe that you've all been born and raised up in a culture where...
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    WingCommanderMovie: How would you have made it?

    I don't know about you guys, but the thing that was the big 'knee-in-the-back' for me was that movie-Paladin wasn't scottish, movie-Angel wasn't french and the movie-ship was called 'Tiger Claw' instead of 'Tiger's Claw' I remember spending the entire movie, just sat in my chair, with my arms...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    Agreed - I have a very great urge to hit Fellentos repeatedly on the head with an extremely large shovel for posting the content. :p Nevertheless, a good find. :) Looks like I won't need to go watch Epi 3 then (yes, I STILL haven't seen it yet! - I think I'll wait for the DVD and save...
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    Off to England tomorrow

    There's another line of thought running over here in the UK. That the bombs coincided with the G8 summit but the G8 was not the real target. The real target was London and the G8 summit just so happened to have helped them out by occupying a large amount of the London police and security forces...
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    Off to England tomorrow

    I think everyone in England is just getting on with getting to normality as quickly as possible. Don't forget, we've been getting bombed by the IRA for decades so in a strange way, a lot of the reaction has been "oh no, not another bombing incident" The only difference this time is the number...
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    Happy Canada Day

    The closest thing we have here in England is St George's Day which is on April 23rd. This is our 'national holiday' although we still work on this day. Its just a normal day and isn't really celebrated in any great manner - perhaps a small parade or something down London's main roads, but that...
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    Guilty Pleasures: Silverscreen Edition

    I have loads of these types of DVDs....and yes, all comments below are my own opinions and my taste is weird - I'm certainly no "Siskel & Ebert". The Robocop trilogy (certainly, the first one was great and the second one was poor, and the third was so bad, its beyond description). The Back...
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    They've finally done it...

    Don't forget, long-distance space travel could become a possibility now because of this!
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    Ultrarealistic Robot Really Resides!

    The big question here is.....why did they decide to build a girl-android with lacy porno gloves on?
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    Fraternity and Sorority

    LOL - is that 'fine and hot girls' including....or 'fine and hot girls' in addition to.... :p Anyway, nice one on the info. Its good to know, just getting more clued up about what its about, that's all. I never realised that some fraternities/sororities were national! - always thought it...
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    Fraternity and Sorority

    OK, just wondering about the world of fraternity and sorority..erm...stuff. We don't have this in the UK. Just wondering how it works - in particular, a load of questions... 1) Who decided that these houses would be made up of 3 Greek letters? 2) From what I can see/hear, it looks like...
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    They say you wanna Revolution...

    With 7 controllers, you could have 3 teams deathmatch in Halo 3 or something. A team of 3, a team of 3 and the super-rock-hard-ninja guy can be a team all on his own.
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    Stay alert pilot!

    A little flash game from the BBC over here in Blighty.
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    Linda Park fans?

    OK guys, was wondering what you lot were all harping on about (because I've never really gotten into Enterprise) - so thought I'd do a google search on Ms Park to find out what's so spesh about her. Thanks a lot guys. My lust-o-meter has just popped off...
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    Calling Red Dwarf Fans

    "He's smart, bom, bom-bom-bom-bom, he's smart...." Nodnol? 871 Silem? wait a minute!, Nodnol!, Nod Nol! Its in Bulgaria, isn't it! Superb stuff. Just love the insults that Cat uses to refer to Rimmer like Goal-post head and Trans-Am wheelarch nostrils. (my absolute favourite)
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    Old PC memories

    LOL - a floopy drive! Anyway - was playing WC1 on the Amiga today - cripes, it was jerky! Was busy getting a WinUAE installation going so that I can play the old Amiga games on my PC - first game to be picked was good old Wing Commander. Here's what happened: * Load game up, goes into...