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    C&C3 Demo Released!

    It felt like Command and Conquer, just faster... Yeah and Michael Ironside rules. My suggestion, if you like C&C try the demo NOW.
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    Why is Wing Commander so popular in Germany?

    Maybe we are just to much influenced by the US of A? When playing Wing Commander, i never thought about critiscm, i just love Sci Fi and flying Space Fighters, i didn't care back then about Kilrah, it was just another Death Star. Child time, not a good time, but at least the world,freedom...
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    Your Favorite "Kilrathi War" Wing Commander game?

    WC1, it had such a god military style with the briefing debriefing, and you weren't a hero back then. WC2 was like WC1 with more background story.
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    Ferret Or Epee In Campaign Missions ????

    Who said EP4 and MP ist the same? I just listed to different things, i consider important.
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    Ferret Or Epee In Campaign Missions ????

    AFAIK they choose the stilleto over the rest, because on the sheet, it's much better. But i would like a little addon to choose between Ferret/Epee/Stiletto...... but we need Episode 4 and MP patch first. Maybe some coder can make the shipchanger combatiple with standoff?
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    F-104 vs. MiG-21

    The F-104 Pilot seems to have the luxury to choose to fight or not. Which in my opinon, makes the 104 the better aircraft. Though we don't have the same data on all planes, what was the climbrate of the Mig 21 etc.
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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    We all are looking forward too, but it seems HCL got a a really mean disease called Real Life ;-) , so if anyone knows how to cure this ... So can any Beta testa give us a little update? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    First off, thank you for your quick response to my little dance/song ;-) But i have a small question: Will a dedicated Server be possible? To even the odds alittle in sense of latency?
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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    *dances around like a little child* gimme gimme gimme gimme *g*
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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    Well, the topic says it all, so please take a few minutes, and talk to me (us).
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    Cockpits or no Cockpits

    I love cockpits, and nowadays, a Wing commander with a fine virtual cockpit would really rule and give ships more personality.
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    Episode 4

    Comon just the mission tree for EPI-III can't imagin that so hard to do, you have...3(maybe 5 with stories?) outcomes at maximum, put that in a little neat classical Wing Commander Mission tree graphic and post the mission objective condition to enter the different path.
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    Supersized Gothri bug?

    I guess LOAF, you have to go to insystem security now.
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    Episode 4

    Do you expect use try to lose any single mission just to see where the loosing path is (i think i remeber you have three way, good, medium and bad) how about a small mission tree from the beginning including EP3, since EP4 will take alot time before release?
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    Episode 4

    <-- Your Vatari ? <-- What is that?
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    Episode 4

    What's a vatari?
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    Most "Iconic Wing Commander" Fighter (or Bomber or capship)

    Because i wanna have a Fighter/Bomber/capship Thread too, i try it with something interesting (i hope) What is the most iconic Fighter for you? For me, it's the Rapier in WC2 even though i played WC1 first, and loved the Raptor, when i think about a Wing Commander fighter, it's the Rapier...
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    Most desired Non-Playable fighter?

    Unknown Enemy :-P
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    New Standoff Scoreboards Rank Wingnuts Globally (January 8, 2006)

    If you have different version of the guns, would it possible to add all convergence typ of the gun? Well you just need to prevent using 6 guns at once :) But for the Hornet it would be easy, because it has only on gun or?