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    New Clive Owen movie

    Brittany Murphy and Elijah Wood are in it too. Should be a good film. One i'm wanting to see when it comes out over here is "Constantine" - i hope it lives up to the comic book i've read recently!
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    Star Wars Trailer

    I can't wait to see the fight sequence between Anakin and Obi-Wan, as on the trailer it looks so deep, menacing and cool. Yep, can't wait - that's me all over!
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    What about Russia?

    I've seen russian adverts on Tarrant on TV, but as for real russian tv, we don't get to see that round here. :)
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    The Word Game

    Off topic!
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    New fan-fic.

    Anyone interested in compiling a WC fan-fic with me?? I Start it - then other folk can post their part of the story and so on. :p :cool: :D :D
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    i need help

    Some games do automatically crash to desktop, it depends on the specs of your computer.
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    The OED Science Fiction Terms Project

    That was a great find Criticalmass, i'll have a look at the rest of the Dictionary. Thanx a lot! :) :p :D :cool: :cool:
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    British Kung Fu

    That link was really cool, thanks for sharing that with us!
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    Enterprise Officially Cancelled

    Hi guys, this is news to me. It hasn't been out two minutes! Why is it, they never give decent shows a fighting chance against other crap like "Joey", which in my view is just, er....crap. What do you lot think. The networks cancelled Babylon 5 and their sister series , which were both...
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    The Word Game

    B. A. Barracass!!! :) ;)
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    Hello, i'm Kyp Durron, and i'm new!

    Hello to you all, i found this board totally by sheer accident and i've wanted to post regularly on a WC board for a while. These are for you all!! :) :D :D