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    Initial reactions to WC3?

    As someone who played the games in chronological order, I have to agree that Malcolm McDowell as Tolwyn was the most true to the original character from WC2. My favorite actor in WC3 was Tom Wilson, however. He made Maniac less crazy, but a lot funnier, wich worked really well. And after playing...
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    Vote for Maverick

    with my vote, he's now up to 277 . Go Blair!
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    Website update, July 10th

    I was gonna replay episode 1-4 to get some practice b4 ep 5 comes out, but since you guys added content to previous episodes, I'm gonna w8 until those come out with ep in august. Thanks so much for all the effort you all put in this mod. I've rarely, if ever, seen a free mod of such a high...
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    James S. Kirk?

    Good to know, thx. I'll go watch it next week on thursday I think. I wonder what Loaf & co thought of the movie... they must have seen it by now edit : I did notice the thread with spoiler warning, but I don't want to risk reading too much about the plot.
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    James S. Kirk?

    I've read in the paper here in Belgium that all the main cast of this new movie signed a contract for 3 movies. So as long the enough ppl go watch it, we get 2 sequels (at least) This could very well be the start of a real comeback for Star Trek, wich is good for all SciFi, including Wing...
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    WC:CD "Dreadnought" Name Vote!!

    I'd name it the Leviathan
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    Time To Take Transport Tallies (January 28, 2008)

    Well, Paladin's freetrader is invincible in a lot of WC2 missions, so in that respect I suppose it's the easiest to escort. Not counting indestructable ships, the monolith is the best hands down imo, it's the only cargo ship that is better than some wingmans. In some P2 missions u could wonder...
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    Where to get Wing Commander?

    Just look on eBay or a similar site for someone selling a copy in your neighorhood, with a little luck, you can go buy it in person. I won an auction on eBay for WC3 for PSX in Belgium, and agreed with seller 2 pick it up at his home. That way I was able 2 test the CDs with a laptop b4 paying...
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    WC1: Venice 1

    I used the walkthrough below to get maximum of medals years ago. could be helpful to you :
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    Playstation Video Extraction Tests Successful (December 15, 2007)

    That would be definitely worth it, IMO. The Dos version's video FMV's were intended for a 14" monitor & don't look very good on my 19". I find the videos of the PS version a lot better, especially were there is a lot of movement, u can see the PS clips are coded better. But the space combat...
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    Scimitar Gripes

    It was my least favorite ship in WC1, but on the other hand, I did fly some of the most exciting missions in it. For me, the scimitar had the record of most systems damaged or destroyed while still making it back to the claw. I had (only once) 7 systems damaged or destroyed and both my mass...
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    Episode 4: Anyone Got A Saved Game?

    I lost my saved games too, but was able to replay it in one evening. If you really don't have the time, I suppose there's no harm in mailing you my profile. ofc, I do need an address.
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    Just replayed the entire game with the improved graphics & loved every minute. Chapter 4 is definitely my favorite (so far). Really enjoyed taking down a Hakaga. Can't wait for the 5th episode to come out. Thanks so much for your continued efforts, guys.
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    earth like planet found in another solar system

    it's located 20.5 light years away in the constellation Libra, so they could send a probe to make pictures to determine if there is life on the planet. This is also the smallest planet they have found outside our solar system, and it's still 5x earth mass, so there could be more discoveries of...
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    WC's best fighter and bomber of all time

    best fighter = Gothri best bomber = Gothri
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    What's the chronological order of these games

    I'm seeing double here .... 4 Krustys !
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    What's the chronological order of these games

    yup, Privateer starts in 2669 & RF in 2670
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    Didn't know there was such a thing

    That's not a knife ... This is a knife :
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    Prologue Released!

    Thank you Saga team, Just started playing and the intro movie is great, and the voice acting is as good as most games you pay for. Amazing graphics. I do hope that the missions remain completable without a joystick. (I never had to use one for a wing commander game, Standoff included)...
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    EA Replay- anyone have it?

    What is the maximum number of systems damaged or destroyed anyone has ever had and survived? I remember I once had 6 systems damaged or destroyed & no guns (took out the last enemy with last of my missiles and ramming into him.) Did anyone ever survive 7?