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  1. Luke

    Announcing 2016 Winners! (January 29, 2017)

    Our team says thanks for the award! And thanks to all other fan project producers for their work to keep a great game alive. :)
  2. Luke

    First Service Pack for WC Saga Deutsch and WCS Plus (January 6, 2017)

    Yes, our SP's are meant to increase the patch level. After several single patches we will publish a new SP for bundle all single patches into one big update. And WCSD SP1 (V1.1.0) brings also a lot of changes and additions to the WCS+ engine.
  3. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    Quarto's post is a precisely analysis of the situation. :) I agree with it and i don't want to further discuss this point (FSO/WCS Open) in this topic. We use the WCS+ engine for that which also have lots of improvements and several bugfixes and i spent realy a lot of my sparse time to develop...
  4. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    @Whistler Sorry for the late answer, i have a lot to do with business and private things at the moment. Welcome on board. :-) Please register at forum so you get access to the beta area in the next weeks. After you registered you can change the language to english. If you have...
  5. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    Hi Quarto Well, WCSPP should be the same like WCSD, but for the international WCS version. So we don't change anything story related. We have tons of changes and improvements and we want to implement them completely into english WCS. We also have a few changes dialogue related. Simple...
  6. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    Hi all After a long break we started now our second project, the Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack (short: WCSPP). What exactly is the Plus Pack? It contains all new features, improvements and bugfixes from our first project "Wing Commander Saga Deutsch" (short: WCSD) and will upgrade the...
  7. Luke

    Ships don't vanish quite right.

    Very interesting. I will point MajorSpawn to your post. Thanks for this information!
  8. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release countdown

    At this point i will honor our team, because WCSD is not only "Luke", WCSD is: (in alphabetical order) "Arrow" - translation leader, translation, lector "Blair" - translation "Death Angel" - graphic design, web design, implementation, subtitles "dom700" - betatesting "GeneralTweety" -...
  9. Luke

    Announcing 2015 Winners! (February 28, 2016)

    Congratulations to all! And thanks for the "Runner Up". :-)
  10. Luke

    WC Saga Deutsch-Mod Updated With Fixes & Tweaks (February 22, 2016)

    @ChrisReid Thanks for this news Chris. :-) I think there are some translation issues so i comment here the relevant parts: Vessels: we simply forgot to translate the scan data for some ships. Debris: there was a missing feature in the engine for translate ship and asteroid "debris". Nope...
  11. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga download stats (and link to the mirror list)

    The mirror list on CIC and the most other lists are outdated and they contain only a few mirrors. At we have a more up to date list of all mirrors. At the moment we have 22 active download mirrors for WCS. WCS download mirror list At there was technical issues the last...
  12. Luke

    German WC Saga Released! (November 28, 2015)

    In the name of the WCSD team, thanks for your feedback. :)
  13. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release Trailer online

    Vom Wing Commander Saga Gründer Anton Romanyuk
  14. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release countdown

    @all Thanks for your feedback. :-) @AD Well, our next project will be "WCS Plus Pack" for backport all changes and features from WCSD to WCS. But now, after the release of WCSD we need a break. ^^ @c0mc0 Like FekLeyrTarg said, it's not representative and that's the main cause why we made...
  15. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release countdown

    We have started the countdown. The WCSD Release is at... / Wir haben den Countdown gestartet. Der WCSD Release ist am... 28. November 18:00 UTC +0100 CET (Click on image for visit our start page / Auf Bild klicken um auf unsere Startseite zu gelangen)
  16. Luke

    [Tool] Debug-Build Support-Tool

    @ChrisReid Thanks, i will keep that in mind.
  17. Luke

    Debris Mod for WCSD and WCS Plus Pack

    No. We don't have knowhow or time for that. Really, the team are working since 2 1/2 years every day at the WCSD project. Some of us working on details much longer. I experiment with the tech things and learn them since more than 3 years and Arrow work since 6 years on some translation...
  18. Luke

    Debris Mod for WCSD and WCS Plus Pack

    @Vidmaster Well, now it will be a officially part of WCSD and later part of WCS Plus Pack (backport all improvements and fixes to the original WCS). ;)
  19. Luke

    Debris Mod for WCSD and WCS Plus Pack

    @Wojo We used the Debris Mod the last months during our missions betatest with no single problem, so i decided to built in the mod directly in WCSD. In the installer on which i am currently working, it's already included as optional component: I will add you to the credits of course.
  20. Luke

    [Tool] Debug-Build Support-Tool

    Correct. I don't like it to waste resources and I started with computers in the end of the 70's and with programming in the beginning of the 80's. So i learned how to use resources efficiently. And, in my extended savegame profiles in WCS+ I am using bit operations for saving switches. So with...