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    WC 1 Secret Mission 1 Intro

    They're less detailed on the SNES than PC, which might create that effect. The Kilrathi look pretty buff, though. I particularly like the sound here... cool tune, and Gilkarg has a great 16-bit laugh. I was wondering if the Fat Man worked on it, but going by the credits on MobyGames it was...
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    WC 3 & 4: Ace or Hard difficulty?

    The OP's probably thinking of AKim's WC3 walkthrough.
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    Questions about the Nephilim...

    You may already know this, but Prophecy was supposed to be the start of another saga of Wing Commander games, sort of how WC1/2/3/4 go together as "Blair's story." Origin's intent was for the enemy in the first game to be just the tip of the iceberg. The design docs hosted on the CIC present the...
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    Kilrathi Saga on Vista

    Several people on this forum (including myself) have encountered this problem, but no one has been able to get the Kilrathi Saga versions of SM1 & SM2 to work under Vista. Sorry. You could also run the DOS versions of SM1 & SM2 on Vista, or if you have access to a computer running XP, the...
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    Dosbox problem

    I'm not familiar with this game, but you could try searching or posting at DOSBox's own forum.
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    Wing Commander and Audio Books

    I think they considered an audio drama instead of an audio book if you have a cast and SE. I've only heard the Star Wars audio dramas, but I guess they were the shit back in the '30s. It'd be pretty hard to make a good one of the Wing Commander books, but it's a cool idea.
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    Pax 7?

    And of course, the nav computers in Privateer leave out several Gemini systems. I never trusted that software booth.
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    Worst Voice Acting

    He also played GUNG-HO MILITARY GUY in the Hulk movie. The other Hulk movie. Yeah, watch that action.
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    Playing WCP with an XBOX 360 gamepad

    The Wing Commander games don't directly support changing the controller setup, but you can use an application such as Xpadder, Pinnacle Game Profiler, or JoyToKey / Joystick 2 Mouse to assign the various keyboard commands to the buttons of your choosing. The problem is that all the WC games...
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    WCIV DVD Edition can't find movies?

    People have successfully ran the DVD version of WC4 on XP itself, so I wouldn't recommend using a VM unless all other options fail. However, I installed and played the game on a Vista machine, so the advice I give you may or may not work if you're using XP. All the files I needed were on...
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    PSP adaptation = easier missions?

    Yeah, the PSP version used the SNES port, didn't it? Mock-up screenshot aside, the mission to save the Ralari was easier there.
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    What would you have done differently?

    I thought it was a cop-op that Jazz was the traitor in WC2. It would have been more significant if one of your old buddies from the original game sold you out, instead of a guy custom-made to be a traitor from the word "go." The game plays with the idea of Spirit working with the Kilrathi, and I...
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    Wing Commander 3 Ranked 14 on

    It was lame how Rogue Squadron didn't show the Death Star blow up. Maybe I was spoiled by the fancy graphics of the original!
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    The Wing Commander of Uprising

    It's certainly no worse than a Valentine from Nature Boy.
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    Angel's Transfer

    Well, the Concordia got hammered pretty hard during the Battle of Terra, and on top of all the damage that had accumulated over the years, it wasn't really fit for battle anymore. The ship was assigned to patrolling low-risk systems on Confed's side, but ended up fighting a rearguard action over...
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    Joystick customisation?

    Xpadder or Pinncale Game Profile can be used to map keyboard and mouse commands to any controller button, but their limitation is that they don't let you map controller buttons to other controller buttons. That may or may not get in your way, depending on how you want to set things up. Like...
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    Blair Looses it.

    It made me think of that magical night in the backseat of a Broadsword.
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    Best Wing Commander Add-On

    It's also worth mentioning that Secret Ops has only existed as a standalone product for a couple of months when it was first released, and again since late 2008. For nearly ten years it was only available on a disc in Prophecy Gold, with the box labeling it as "Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret...
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    Angel's Transfer

    He wanted to see the ending on the losing track, but those marines had to go in foul it up. There's not much in-game story in Armada - just the snippets from the gauntlet which Wedge has transcribed - but the manual for the game says the Lexington's primary mission was to "eliminate the...
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    Best Wing Commander Add-On

    Pine - a certain type of coniferous tree. Also, the wood of said tree. Apple - the fruit of an apple tree. Give nutrients, repels doctors. Now take a good look at those words, and a better look at this picture: Now tell me, how the heck can you call it a pineapple? It's a misnomer...