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    So... Happy Yuri's night wingnuts and other space lovers

    Today (April 12) is important to any one even remotly interested in space exploration. 57 years ago for the first time a human crossed the boundary of space and entered orbit. So using this ocasion wanted to write some of my thoughts and drop few facts regarding soviet space program, especially...
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    Think Positive Thoughts For LOAF (July 17, 2016)

    Get well soon Best Wishes
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    Wing Commander ship design inspirations

    Batwing and Dralthi... Edit: something went really wrong I first tried to insert the image..
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    Amazon released a game engine

    The last part of Blue Planet went on and used the system in a crazy way, Basically it would,nt allow for a classical loosing path with bad ending, but along the flow of campaign it allows for mission branching, as long as they finally connect to a single specific misson. FS2 Campaign used it...
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    Wing Commander 3 Gun Cheat Sheet!

    Well, For me Ion and Reaper looked more purple than pink. also, I think Reaper shots are slightly shorter and slightly wider than ion, but that might as well be autosugestion
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    Wing Commander III and IV CapShip Weapons

    Corect me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Victory fire capship missles in one of the loosing path missions in WCIII? I think it's Delius 3, but I'm not sure
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    A surprising Wing Commander music similarity.

    It's incredible to see you here. Where are the Admins? somone give The Man his origin systems medal
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    Mark Hamill back with Chris Roberts

    "Freddy Prince played me, and we're mistaken for each other all the time so it was a natural choice..." brilliant.
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    Wing Commander III acting...

    In fact, WC3 gave us three times as many locations as WCP... But i toatally agree - while there is some mention that there are other places on the Midway (science division etc), what we see looks cramped
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    Wing commander novels?

    Also, ebook of Fleet Action is included in GOG WCIII pack
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    I blame Chris Reid for this.....

    Well, WCII Snes has been a holy grail of this community for quite some time. I believe no one knows what happened with it, even though it was mentioned several times.
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    John Rhys-Davies Coming To NYCC

    Hey, was it before, or after the reveal that he'll be part off Squadron 42 cast? Did he say something about it during con?
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    Squadron 42 Cast Revealed; Hamill & Rhys-Davis Again Voicing Space Sim Characters (October 10, 2015)

    One more thing about speech and cheesiness. What many people find cheesy in fiction, can have a really strong impact in real life. As for the fact that admiral here sounds old, just listen to last part of his speech, and compare them to words once said by a 65 years old man to a parliament of...
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    Squadron 42 Cast Revealed; Hamill & Rhys-Davis Again Voicing Space Sim Characters (October 10, 2015)

    No offence, but I just find it funny that one of the films you mention as an example of "American speech" was actually written by a German
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    Star Citizen Reaches One Million Backers!

    Actually it's true preordering games is the most stupid thing you can do, as there is no reason to throw your money n almost finished game that would be made regardless, without any knowlege if it is good. On the other hand, crowdfunding is about creating the game that would not be made if not...
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    Cockpit screenshot request

    I always thought that of all graphical assets of WCIII cockpits are the one that actually stood the trial of time
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    New Game

    One thing about controls: consider adding controller support. Joystick would be great, but also think of x360 controller as many PC gamers have some kind of of xbox pattern controller. This obviously shouldn't mean that game is not easyto play with keyboard/mouse.
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    New Game

    Oh and one more thing, which is extrapolation on some points from earlier. as you want' to let player choose their ship you should avoid two things: 1. A ship that makes most people think "I flew this once and I will never want to fly it ever again" 2. A ship that makes most people think "Now...
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    New Game

    Few suggestions: -Again, Wingmen -Quality over quantity: Basically what I mean it's better to have just a few ships with well defined roles and each one feeling different than gazillion of them but most very similar to one another. Same goes for weapons. On Enemies side also I think fewer more...