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  1. TC

    Goodbye, Eagle One (December 10, 2007)

    Took me a while to figure out my password. Haven't used it in the better part of a decade. I'm several years out on this as well. Wouldn't have seen it, but it got bumped to the recent threads list on the main page as I was taking a look and the title caught my eye. This is unfortunate...
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    Law and order in Privateer

    If you blow people of any given faction up their friends, suprisingly, don't like you. If you blow up their enemies, they do!
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    Tolwyn and the Nephilim

    The Confederation, circa Prophecy and Secret Ops, has both Midway and Vesuvius class heavy carriers. The TCS Eisen and it's carrier group clears areas ahead of the Midway through part of Prophecy, for instance, and you see the Mt. St. Helens in Secret Ops. Either way, the Midway class was...
  4. TC

    Dead Fan Projects

    hehe I'm sure you could modify that game relatively easily with Wing Commander ships if you were actually motivated to do it. I did the player ship and one or two enemies, but I didn't really care enough to go any further and it sat on my hard drive until I made a screenshot for the April...
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    Dead Fan Projects

    Wow, Cam didn't die. That's good.
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    WingCommanderMovie: How would you have made it?

    As opposed to what we got? Lone ship dispatched to save the day by holding off enemy forces to allow the Confederation fleet to reach earth. Heroic battles against numerous odds, with our ship damaged but escaping to fight another day?
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    Beta - Privateer Gemini Gold

    You have an odd definition of important
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    Oops, Try Again Next Week (July 13, 2005)

    That's stupid. This is exactly where the shuttle program got fucked up. To get the money to build the thing, it needed to be capable of an unreasonable number of different mission objectives. In the end, it resulted in a platform that's okay at a bunch of things, can do a suprising amount of...
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    That doesn't mean I don't enjoy greeting Halman :(
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    War of the Worlds

    They didn't even explain the ending well. The person I went with hadn't read, heard or seen any of the previous versions and had no idea what the hell the ending was even trying to say.
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    New Microwave Tips

    Pfft, maybe if you want a haunted microwave.
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    Little WC:T update

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    Read Some Religious Reviews (June 30, 2005)

    Yeah, I see no problem with this in the least. Reviews are only useful if the person reviewing shares, at least to some degree, your world view. If your points of view are too seperate, or if you don't at least understand where they're coming from, the opinions of the reviewer won't tell you...
  15. TC

    Wing Commander Tactics Rapier done

    Chihuahuas have fur...
  16. TC

    "Learn something new every day"

    That's... not true. For there to be more humans alive than dead, and assuming perfect 50/50 gender split throughout history and that everyone reproduces before death, every couple would need to have four children throughout human history. Assuming 25 year generations, and all that perfect...
  17. TC

    SAaB Coming to DVD

    The last episode was one of the best ones. It wasn't a show where there were lots of plot points left hanging, or anything.
  18. TC

    Ranger's Glory forum

    You might want fewer individual forums than that... people tend to post more when there's more activity wherever they're posting. Splitting up discussion more than the amount absolutely necessary when you don't have a lot of activity is generally not a great idea. It's also quite a bit easier...
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    Forum collision has begun here!

    Dash, I guess I'll have to keep going to #wingnut for my adult chat needs :(