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    Kickstarter Corner: Jeff Dee's D&D Art (August 14, 2012)

    Hm... as far as I know Jeff worked on WC II. Did anyone knows what he was doing there? Drawings, stills, artwork?
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    Just a question: the axius starbase from WC IV - was this installation destroyed or not? What did the novel say about this? Deacan
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    Pixs Origin Adventures anyone?

    Hey... did anyone seen this here before? There is a quite nice collection of all kinds of stuff from Origin, including Wing Commander 1 - 5... Deacan
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    Secret Ops ships that don't shoot well on full guns. A bug?

    This topic brings me back to a question I ask some times ago - but I did not get a response.
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    T-Bolt in WCP SO

    Just wondering: did the T-Bolt in WCP SO have a rear turret? Is it that "long range laser thingie" as used by the Dev/Shrike or something different? And 2... Not about the HF-66, but the TB-80: the range of the plasma gun - 6000 klicks? Can someone please confirm this? My guide to the game...
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    a replay or what became of one night

    Wc3... a great game indeed. Last night I played it again and something catched my attention. The scenes on the fightdeck - It seems that the nose of the T-bolt (including the cockpit) had nearly the some size as the pilot... With snapshots and this blueprint from the user Flanker I calculate...
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    Most underrated fighter

    well... I say I do. We never saw the piranha at her work: for anti-pirate-missions, recon. To be fair, we used it one time for escort... The F-106 has more armor, more fuel for the afterburner, its nimble... Yes, it mounts a gun fewer and 2 missile less. But I never ever had more fun than...
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    Wingnuts, please help me...

    ...only time can offer some cure... I was in a similar situation, nearly 2 years ago. And I lost everything: my girl (after 9 years of living together), my future (I was working for her parents), my publisher for my books (since the publishers were her parents or better a part of their...
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    question on the Murphy class

    So, whats that round "hole" on front of that destroyer (that blue glowing thing)? A tube for anti capship missiles or some sort of plasma gun???
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    Can this little thing jump?

    Me too... I mentioned it earlier, its very sad we did not use that bird more often...
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    Can this little thing jump?

    Just wondering - in the ships database it says that the F-106 Piranha has a jumpdrive... Can anyone confirm this?
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    Tri-System Tribulations (April 10, 2010)

    ...standing still for half an hour and no one hits me... Just a simple question: how long did spooney spent on the game - if you are only playing a few battles with a skill level of green or rockie or so its no wonder that no one harms you! The first fights and kills are just for target...
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    Here in good old germany we have someting called "Schwarzer Abt", (black abbot), a very very very sweet beer (3,9%) and I like 'cause I dont get drunk so fast...
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    Favorite car.

    Well, I dont have a driver licence (trouble with my right eye) but if Im forced to choose... would be a Z28 Camaro. Why? Because one of my childtime hero's owns one in red with wing doors: Matt Trakker...
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    Spoony Experiment's Privateer 2 review

    ...oh my godness... Well, to be fair, I watched the review, but I was thinking: what the f...? I get the game in 1996 (just 2 days after my birthday happens!), it run stable on my pc (a Pentium 133MHz...). Crashes? Zero. Joystick? No probs, only after some time (meaning: 5 months...
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    Privateer 2: The Darkening Cinematics...

    Thats easy: in the holovids section any vid from Dr. Loomis to Kronos is from the major plot (and as far as I can tell, its in the right line), any other from Tamessa Ames to Ser Vonx are the sidemissions. Btw, you need to catch the first minutes of the games movies up...
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    Drop Bomber Ballots Here (March 6, 2010)

    Well... You understand me wrong. Of course we need fighters to protect the heavy Devs, but instead of cut the fighters missilelayout from pure dogfight to wildweasel (giving them more antiturrets- and less antifighter missiles) I would prefer a pair of shrikes come in: with 20 HARMs they could...
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    Drop Bomber Ballots Here (March 6, 2010)

    Well... Just love the Devastator. Very heavy load, nice look... ps: it's very sad we never seen the Dev teaming up with the Shrike carring the wild weasel loadout...
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    WCP - guns of the capships

    Well, so thats a huge difference when compared to WC3 or WC4, twice the range but 1 shot vs. 5 per sec... But I feel still a bit of surprised at least - bombers uses the same basic laser turrets as a capship.
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    WCP - guns of the capships

    Just a question: are the entries on the ships database true? For the Midway they say: 25 laserturrets, each with a range of 8000 klicks (???) and a fire relay of 1 shot per second... So... the midway uses the same turrets as the shrike or devastator? And 2. The Herc LC: no guns? The...