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    another error...

    GL_d3d_5::createZbuffer attach failed 87 anyone have an idea on whats wrong?
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    Ace Combat 5

    Osea didn't Nuke Belka, the Belkans nuked themselves so that Osea and Yuktobania would never take their land.
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    Ultrarealistic Robot Really Resides!

    was it this one?
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    PERRY, where do you land?

    it looks like Capitol ships could go in the top and bottom (military and civilian separated) and then small ships could go through the sides? or the sides could be for Perry's compliment fighters?
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    The Word Game

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    Time periods?

    thanks loaf! I do need to know when at least SM2 took place, but other than that I'm fine, thanks for your help!
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    Time periods?

    can anyone tell me which games occured in what order and what years? all help would be appreciated. (sick of me yet? this must be my fourth post asking for help...) WC 1 WC 2 Privateer Armada WC 3 WC 4 Prophecy Secret Ops Privateer 2 I need this information for...
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    A good picture of a confederate uniform?

    you have a point there... do you have any decent pictures of WC2 or WC3 uniforms?
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    A good picture of a confederate uniform?

    I want to try for some time around the privateer timeline, or a bit after. really any confederate uniform would work
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    A good picture of a confederate uniform?

    I'm attempting to make a confederate uniform for the last day of school next year (they won't see me again, I have to do something!) and I was wondering if anyone could post pictures of different uniforms confederate crew members wear. any help would be appreciated.
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    a few ship questions.

    I never thought it myself, I always thought that making a jump in an ejection seat would probably kill the pilot, but a friend of mine insisted they could jump.
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    a few ship questions.

    Sorry about that, I was talking about the Privateer remake. (ctrl+E to eject in remake) I've been trying to track down the original privateer for some time now, so I don't know the original controls.
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    a few ship questions.

    I have a few questions about ships in the wing commander universe. 1. when looking at the hornet's file, it says: Jump Capable No (Variant 1 & 2), Yes (Variant 3) What exactly is variant 3, and is it any different from 1 and 2 apart from missles and jump capability? 2. when did they...
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    Reading stardates?

    yeah, I mean the wing commander ones, such as are in the encyclopedia. and thanks chris!
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    Reading stardates?

    Is there any way someone could post how to convert stardates to earth time, and vice versa? I've always wondered how to read them, and have always wanted to date things with stardates, just to confuse people :D
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    capitol ships as bases?

    I've heard people talking about using Drayman's as bases (such as parking ships there, not to mention I've heard people talking about even tractoring IN ships) however I tried to use a drayman that I finally bought (I made another save just so I can expiriment) and I've even tried ejecting from...
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    my fleet

    to change ships, go to the ship buy menu, then click on the ship you want and hit "buy" if it's at a different place it'll cost some money to hire someone to bring it.
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    saving my rep

    I've been killing quite a few pirates (they started it!) now, and everyone is at 100 now except for pirates (obviously) and retro's (but they're nuts.)
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    editing save files?

    hey there, First off I'd like to say that you guys did an amazing job on Privateer, second, I created a new save file for messing around with, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to edit money amounts, and things like that. I only intend to use it on the file I'm messing around...