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  1. Mindcrime

    WC4 Remake Tackles Technical Challenges (October 23, 2019)

    Wow! So far I think this looks absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work. I would love love love to play this.
  2. Mindcrime

    Wing Commander Prophecy alt ending

    This was really cool to see. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Mindcrime

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    It’s funny cuz I did the same thing I did in Privateer too. I did just enough jobs to pay for my jump drive then immediately jumped to the next system where I got blasted out of the sky at the other end of the jump gate. Then I stayed back in the og system to upgrade my ship for a while before...
  4. Mindcrime

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    Can’t say enough great things about this so I’ll keep it short. Hands down the most hooked in a space I’ve been since Privateer. Dusted off the old CH Combat Stick and keyboard and the longer I play it the more I love it. This was really what I was hoping CR was gonna make with Star Citizen. So...
  5. Mindcrime

    Wing Commander III on the 3DO

    I remember recently trying Super WC on 3do and the controls killed me. I didn’t know about that flightstick option though but still without a keyboard it’ll be pretty rough. From what I played Super WC looked absolutely great I just got my ass kicked super fast lol.
  6. Mindcrime

    Howard's Hornet Cockpit Comes to Life (July 14, 2019)

    Omg this is looking like a dream come true to me. For years I’ve been dying for a WC1 remake that keeps everything possible from the original but just improved the space combat in both speed and playability. This has me very excited!
  7. Mindcrime

    meet the poster

    Welcome aboard!! I mean....there is sooo much stuff here to sift through but I would like to recommend you play some of the fan games on here. There has been great talent and teamwork here that ended with some really fun games.
  8. Mindcrime

    WC3's Unauthorized Guide Archived by Pix (June 17, 2019)

    Awesome. Was just chatting with Loaf on twitter about this. : )
  9. Mindcrime

    Another "Which WC Game Is Your Favourite?" thread

    4 for the overall best current experience and my favorite of all time. 1 would be my favorite if the in flight gameplay was faster and smoother.
  10. Mindcrime

    Space Sim First Look: Between the Stars (May 18, 2019)

    Looks pretty cool! I’m looking forward to the new Rebel Galaxy game coming.
  11. Mindcrime

    Drunk Review is Surprisingly Coherent (March 17, 2019)

    That’s exactly why I like his vids. I had no idea how many games on the SNES I have never heard of especially being that it is my favorite console ever lol. I like the fan localized RPG’s he covers too.
  12. Mindcrime

    Drunk Review is Surprisingly Coherent (March 17, 2019)

    SNES Drunk has become one of my favs. I’m pretty sure he’s never drunk lol. Great that he covered the SNES port. That’s what started it all for me on a random rental at a buddies house. The immersion was second to none and I never stopped being a WC since then.
  13. Mindcrime

    Tune in Thursday for ALL WINGS CONSIDERED (February 15, 2019)

    Woah!! This is so cool! And I’m diggin the sleak new design to this forum I’m seeing on my mobile. Well done mates!
  14. Mindcrime

    Loaf and others mentioned by GOG in documentary!

    Yeah I had to do a double take when they mentioned you. I got so excited “you’re talking about my peeps!”
  15. Mindcrime

    Loaf and others mentioned by GOG in documentary!

    WCNEWS community and Ben(Loaf) thanked and mentioned by GOG staff regarding assistance with WC games on their platform shown in this really cool GOG Documentary I found on YouTube. Check it out! WC mentioned at the 27 minute mark.
  16. Mindcrime

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    The idea of a WC4 fan remake from this community has me all kinds of crazy excited! Please keep it up!
  17. Mindcrime

    Wing Commander 4 - Behind the Scenes (October 21, 2018)

    Man I miss the excitement of WC4 coming out. So much anticipation while I saved money to build a new pc as a young teen. Still my favorite WC ever and it was the last CR had his hands in. I sure wish he owned the WC IP again.
  18. Mindcrime

    Welcome Aboard Lillianna! (October 11, 2018)

    Congrats man!!!!!!
  19. Mindcrime

    Prop ID: Vaquero's Guitar (September 1, 2018)

    I also always wondered why he wasn’t playing an acoustic guitar instead of an electric guitar without an amp. Must be cuz I’m a guitarist or something....