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    Why did you pick your name?

    Back in about 94 when I was a newbie to the net I wanted to use Jonny5 after the robot in that film, unsuprisingly it was taken so I just used 22 (I was born on the 22nd) and 84 (cos it was 1984)
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    Was Maestro Maniac's Replacement?

    I guess the theory was they wanted to launch Wing Commander:The next geneartion with Casey and the crew but it ended up badly. Personally I'd like to see a game going back set in WC 1-2 time but on a different ship, no-where near Blair. But of course because of UO it ain't gonna happen
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    what if WC was multiplayer.....

    I think if they were to make an on-line WC game it would need strategy elements. Perhaps if you reached a high enough rank you could be given command of your own capship and then could control it in a fashion a bit like say X-Com Interceptors strategy elements. Then if you got promoted higher...
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    Wing Commander - The Heart of the Tiger

    But it comes with a free topping
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    Who would you cast in a WC movie

    Hey Lord Hallas I've heard of Adrian Paul before, where from? What was he in? This is gonna bug me till I find out now
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    Confed Flagship

    Hey everybody, does anyone know the name of the Confed flagship? Do they even have a flagship?
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    The problem with a clone of Blair is it wouldn't be Blair. Sure it would look like him but the mind wouldn't be regenerated as the original Blair's was so he could turn out like Maniac or even worse Casey!
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    So much for loyalty to Origin eh guys?

    Chris Roberts was the creator of WC, so there should be room for his work. But at the end of the day this is still a WC site and community. Just becuase there won't be anymore WC games doesn't mean it's dead there are still people like Primarch, Myself and others who still create missions. They...
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    What is EA thinking?!?

    I'd of thought with all the rumours of an on-line Star trek game on the way they'd of jumped at the chance to make a WC-Online it is after all one of Origins strongpoints ------------------ Jonny2284 TCS Dark Knight Sage Http:\\\tcsknight
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    Special Comms

    Do you know the numbers of the SO special comms,more specifically the ones from around the final mission Thanks to anyone who helps ------------------ Jonny2284 TCS Dark Knight Sage Http:\\\tcsknight
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    The Alien wormholes

    In Lost in Space it was the time anomalae or whatever that sent them 20-30 years into the future, when they left the anomali they were back in their normal time and when they reentered it and sent them back in the future. One thing is this anything to do with my original question anymore Yah or...
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    TV series

    If Space above and Beyond was cancelled after I season it must of been A VERY LONG one. I remember watching it every week for at least a year. I seem to remember that the war did end 'cos they nuked the ,Chigs home planet or something. Anyway WC would make a great series to us but if you were a...
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    Has anybody had any really Good luck find WC

    I found a really good Deal today, In my local Cash Converters (Seconds hand place). I found an original copy of WC3 which I got for 3 Pounds. If that wasn't enough when I opened the box there were two copies of the manual called "Victory Streak" although only one of the actually manual and two...
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    The Alien wormholes

    Hi I'm new (well kinda) Anyway this questions to help me write the third episode for my fan-made project. Do you think the alien wormholes work like one place to another straight with no variation or does it work on a system like the Stargate.